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Daniels Four Beasts Vision

June 22, 2022 Joel Dover Season 1 Episode 3
The Pre-Trib Prophecy Podcast
Daniels Four Beasts Vision
Show Notes

The first half of the book of Daniel records the interpretation of dreams for various kings, while the latter half of Daniel records visions and dreams given directly to Daniel.  

In Daniel 7, God reveals the rise of future kingdoms to Daniel that reflects an exact pattern of history that God revealed first to Nebuchadnezzar in chapter 2.  

Whenever the Bible repeats things such as this, it makes the sure word of prophecy even more solid.  Because we find multiple accounts of the rise of earthly kingdoms, we can be assured that what we have seen in history brings clarity to prophecy future.  

Christians are awaiting the rise of a reconvened Roman state...which will probably not be called as such, but which will be a coming together of nations again in kingdom with one another, and led by a central Biblical figure that we commonly refer to as the Antichrist.  

Join me as we look at Daniel 7 and see the similarities and timing of this last days coming kingdom.  

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Joel Dover is the Senior Pastor of the Calvary Chapel Church in Newnan GA, a church that he started in 2014 from a living room Bible study.

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