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Signs of the Times

August 03, 2022 Joel Dover Season 1 Episode 8
The Pre-Trib Prophecy Podcast
Signs of the Times
Show Notes

In this episode I'll take us through the first 14 verses of Matthew 24 as we learn about the general signs of the times that Jesus predicted as indicators of a last days climate.  We'll also learn about the structure of Matthew 24, which is vital to a proper interpretation of the chapter.  

What kinds of things should we be watching for as indicators that we are nearing the return of the Lord?  There are eight specific signs given to us by Christ.

  1. The rise of false religions.
  2. An increase in global conflicts. 
  3. Unusual weather phenomenon.
  4. The persecution of the saints.
  5. Christianity becomes and offense.
  6. The rise of false prophets in the church.
  7. Lawlessness in abundance.
  8. The growing cold of love in the culture. 

 Let's look together at these eight signs and answer the question...are we there yet?

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Joel Dover is the Senior Pastor of the Calvary Chapel Church in Newnan GA, a church that he started in 2014 from a living room Bible study.

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