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Talk Music Podcast Episode 1 : True Myth-The world's first digital rock recording

June 16, 2022 Tom Treumuth and Andrew Schalk Season 1 Episode 1
The Talk Music Podcast
Talk Music Podcast Episode 1 : True Myth-The world's first digital rock recording
Show Notes

This first episode features a piece of music history....The first ever Digital Rock Recording. The marketing tag for it was "Tomorrow's Sound Today." The story of the challenges of making and how hard it is to create a hit album is fascinating.

Co-host Tom Treumuth's band ,True Myth ,released the Warner Album in 1979 and he discusses making the pioneering Prog rock album , a hidden gem of the genre, with Co -host Andrew Schalk . 

Famous names like Peter Gabriel , Robert Fripp ,George Martin, Jack Richardson Producer of The Guess Who,  factor into the story.

Other artists who feature are: Honeymoon Suite, Big Sugar, Kazzer, Figgy Duff, Voivod ,Gene Simmons ,Helix ,Anvil, Yes, Genesis.

Gary Muth was a music executive  who held management positions with a bunch of major music  labels and was the mentor for Toms the Band. He recorded  artists we all know like The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Peter Gabriel and Balck Sabbath. His concerts included The Police and Talking heads and even a stage musical...Napoleon. He later co-founded Iceberg Media of the world's first internet major broadcasters  and he helped create world wide standards. Gary talks about what he saw in True Myth. 

Gary Furniss was co producer of True Myth and went on to a long music career. He is President of Sony Music Publishing in Canada. 

Also heard from are the Bands Guitarist Tony Cook and Bassist Steve McKenna.

A Multi Platinum music producer /manager and a music super fan talk music. 

The conversation ranges from best live concerts and venues , to music docs to why is it so hard to start a new rock band , who had 3 great albums in a row and why artists are selling their catalogs. The focus is both Worldwide and Canadian.

Over his 40 yr music career, Co-host Tom Treumuth worked as a talent scout for RCA (USA) including working closely with Gene Simmons. His Hypnotic label released over 100 albums via A&M/Universal. Tom also ran a recording studio, did artist management/bookings and he produced over 60 albums with 8 achieving Gold and Platinum awards ( Honeymoon Suite, Helix, Big Sugar). More recently Tom was Co Managing Director of indie label Frostbyte (Universal) . His career started as a musician in True Myth who recorded the world's 1st digital rock album.

Co -host Andrew Schalk a chef and a self professed music junkie.

The Producer of The Talk Music Podcast is Eric  Morrison, a television producer , executive and journalist.

True Myth has been re-released on Spotify.  Tunes featured are Reach for the Heavens and Time after Time. It's a hidden gem of Prog rock.
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