The Talk Music Podcast

Season 2 ; Episode 3- An A and R man's adventures

October 27, 2022 Tom Treumuth and Andrew Schalk Season 2 Episode 10
The Talk Music Podcast
Season 2 ; Episode 3- An A and R man's adventures
Show Notes

From Red Rider to Serena Ryder ...this weeks  a conversation with Fraser Hill who for years was an A and R man with Capital and Universal records discovering and signing bands and artists  like the Northern Pikes, Serena Ryder and Elijah Woods .  Starting out he even recorded Red Rider with Tom Cochrane the very first time he did a recording  by himself in a studio. Recently he is  working with Iskwe and other new artists. 

What was A and R and how has the tik tok age changed it ?

The episode also includes a Triumph Album as a hidden gem of Canadian music. 

 "Imagine if" is  a new band just  starting out and is discussed in our  Under the Radar segment .

 Andrew takes on the good ,the bad and the ugly of Woodstock festivals as seen though two different docs.

In The Talk Music Podcast a Multi-platinum music producer/manager and a music super fan talk music and interview industry insiders and musicians alike about what it takes to create amazing music. We act as a guide to new bands, fascinating books and docs and who the creators of the grooves you love are.

Over his 40 yr music career, Tom Treumuth worked as a talent scout for RCA (USA) including working closely with Gene Simmons. His Hypnotic label released over 100 albums via A&M/Universal. Tom also ran a recording studio, did artist management/bookings and he produced over 60 albums with 8 achieving Gold and Platinum awards ( Honeymoon Suite, Helix, Big Sugar). More recently Tom was Co Managing Director of indie label Frostbyte (Universal) . His career started as a musician in True Myth who recorded the world's 1st digital rock album.

Co -host Andrew Schalk a chef and a self professed music junkie.

The Producer of The Talk Music Podcast is Eric Morrison, a television producer , executive and journalist. He was President of The Canadian Press for 14 years. Before going to CP he was Vice-President of CTV News . He had extensive experience in national and international news, including overseas postings and a variety of management positions. They included Executive Producer of the CTV National News and Producer of Canada AM . He has won Michener, CJF and RTDNA awards for editorial excellence. He was Co founder of Latitude 44, a tech conference in Toronto . He was Executive Producer and Co founder of The Disruptors , a program about high tech startups that now runs as weekly segments on BNN.

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