100: Decluttering the Emotional Closet: A Path to Resilience and Peace
Kingdom Mothers Rise Up
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Kingdom Mothers Rise Up
100: Decluttering the Emotional Closet: A Path to Resilience and Peace
Apr 16, 2024 Season 3 Episode 14
Mukkove - The Mom Mentor

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Ever had a moment where a spilled coffee or a missed bus sent you into an emotional tailspin? You're not alone. On this episode, join me, Mukkove Johnson, as we delve into the world of repressed emotions and how they can disrupt our lives in unexpected ways. I'll share my own stories of emotional eruptions over seemingly trivial matters and what they've taught me about the unattended emotional needs that simmer beneath our day-to-day awareness. We’ll explore techniques to tune into these hidden signals, using physical sensations as clues, to better understand and address our innermost needs.

Our emotional closets can become as cluttered as a teenager's bedroom, but there's hope for tidying up. We discuss the parallels between physical and emotional hoarding and how to sift through years of stored feelings that may be affecting our peace of mind. From prayer and journaling to meaningful conversations, we'll cover an array of methods to begin decluttering our internal spaces. And we won't stop there; we'll also examine the strength found in taking small steps towards emotional resilience. By isolating challenges and conquering them one by one, we learn to manage our feelings effectively, setting the stage for a more harmonious and structured life.

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