Courage Under the Stars with Michael Vieyra

“Is this what happens when you die, you hear a toilet flush?” with David Pressman

November 02, 2022 Michael Vieyra Season 1 Episode 9
Courage Under the Stars with Michael Vieyra
“Is this what happens when you die, you hear a toilet flush?” with David Pressman
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David Pressman can keep you in stitches, but he’s also great to have a heart-to-heart with. Put on your chill and come listen in as we talk about:

Losing eighty percent of pancreas
Fave foods of his past
Living with dad post-surgeryand their wonderful relationship
Pappy Parker fried chicken
Staying friends with exes
His shyness 
The love for his mom
Dropping out of high school
Only child
Sherman Oaks Galleria

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Welcome to courage under the stars with Michael Vieyra. That's me, I am Michael Vieyra. Here I speak off the cuff with people that I find interesting, where you're going to sit in a darkened room and just allowing you to eavesdrop. I tell my guests, no politics, no religion, but otherwise, I don't care what we talk about as long as it comes from the heart. I hope even just a small part of it resonates with you. Some of it will, some of it won't. And that's okay. But I'm just glad you're here. I really do love all of you. And thanks for coming. Let's get this thing started. Huh. I was saying when you walked in that you look really healthy. But I gotta imagine that, like everybody, you have a guilty pleasure fast food meal that you go to fast food meal. Well, you know, because of the diabetes, I don't get as much fast food anymore. So it's more like burgers with lettuce wraps. Get out. So you're really taking care of yourself. I'm trying. I'm trying. I mean, when I eat the other stuff, I just I feel like when I cheat I feel like crap. Yeah. Okay, so that's helpful. Yeah. But I'll go to Shake Shack. I love it. After all that. Oh, but I'll go to Shake Shack. I mean, it's a burger with a lettuce wrap. Oh, gotcha. No bread. Yeah, he got all the veggies in and out the same thing. Oh, in and out. Even in and out. Rabbit burger is still delicious. Yeah. It's really, it's so good. And sometimes I have these cravings for it. And I'll go like in the middle of the night and get him. What was your, your wake up to diabetes scare what made you realize oh, shit, I better take care of this. Well, it's how I got diabetes, which was a few years ago, many years. I mean, not many years ago, like eight years ago, I was having these terrible stomach pains. And I avoid doctors because I don't trust them. My mom was sick for a while. And I never liked the doctors that she was getting advice from and that were helping her. So I didn't see anybody about these stomach pains. And one, I just thought they were a gas. So I would like take a gas X pill where you get in gas from it. No, but But it had that pain it did in the cast X pills or whatever pills I was taking. helped. And then one night it was really bad. And I went to Cedars Sinai. Yeah. They told me Oh, yeah, you have gas. I was like, Okay, well, that's real bad gas. I'll just take some pills. So I would say a year went by. And I this pain started happening again. And it was bend over screaming and pain. And I was terrified. But I was still too scared to go to the doctors. And I went up to my buddies, my buddy Mike, my buddies Michael's house. And he said, You gotta go to the doctor. I was like, okay, okay, I'll go, I'll go. And I remember I went up there and he was too drunk. He was drinking at home, and he was too drunk to drive. So we we took an Uber, down to the emergency room. And I was just in a lot of pain, and they wouldn't give me anything for the pain until I saw a doctor and there was a long line to see the doctor. Finally I saw the doctor. And all I can really remember is they took x rays. And it was like a red light started flashing and I was rushed into the emergency room on machinery, a red light started flashing it just Yeah. And then there was like a lot of buzz and they said, Well, you got to work we have to perform surgery right away. I asked what was wrong and there was there was a gallstone went to dry and went into the bile duct of my pancreas about a 3% chance that was going to happen. Yeah. And just started doing terrible things to my pancreas. So I remember my best friend showed up and I remember hugging her. My dad who was an actor, he was doing a play he couldn't get there in time. And I remember them reeling me into the you know the operating Room. And the last noise I heard it sounded like a toilet flushing. Okay. And I was like, oh god, is this it? Is this what happens when you die? You hear a toilet flush, right? Because that's pretty sad some sort of indicator. Yeah. And I woke up and they had to remove 80% of my pancreas. And the pancreas is what creates insulin, right? So I got diabetes from that. So I have now 20% of my pancreas left no gallbladder. And I was in the hospital for about total of three weeks to operations. And it was fucking hellish. And I was unbearably depressed. They're just freaking out in the hospital bed. And they knew how upset I was. So I, they gave me you know, the strongest drugs? I forgot what it was called. But I remember, I was having conversations with people that weren't in the room. And hallucinated? Yeah, I was hallucinating. And, you know, my dad, God bless him. He came every single day. Yeah. And then I, I left the hospital I lost about, I would say, baby pounds. I was down to like, 130, the man looked really bad and looked really sick. And then I recovered at my dad's house for a couple of months. And we just started arguing all the time. And it was just, I can't do this anymore. So I just, I went to my own my place and for a year, I was really good. Because my doc, my diabetes doctor said to me, Oh, for sure this is gonna go away, you're gonna be diabetes is gonna go away, you're gonna be fine. So as long as you you know, stick to the diet and do the right things. So for a year, I was really diligent knowing that this was going to go away. So I went to the doctor after a year. And he was like, You know what, this isn't gonna go away. So, I was like, but you said for sure. Are doctors supposed to say for sure? Yeah. So I just really kind of spiraled and just got depressed, and then was not as good about, about my diet and exercise and stuff. And now, you know, it's been a few years and I'm, you know, I've gotten used to it, but I always was afraid of needles anyway, you know, every night I have to stick myself with a needle for insulin. Yeah. And I'm still not completely used to that. Oh, wow. Okay, it's still kind of a bummer. So I have to like, you know, like, psych myself up for it. Right. So, yeah, that's my, that's my really fun. Hospital story, sickness story. David, where does that leave you now? That's pretty heavy stuff. Um, yeah, it was really rough. For a while? Well, I mean, a couple of years, I was in a real deep depression about it. As I said, I've gotten more used to it. I'm certainly glad that I'm alive. My doctor was actually also friend of mine, when one of the doctors told me afterwards that there was after the first operation, that there was a 70% chance that I was not going to wake up from that, too. And even when I was in the hospital bed right after the operation, my dad's My dad also had to take care of my my mom had Ms. For a long time, Omar and sue that had his hands full. Yeah. And I but that was part of the guilt when I wanted to. When I recovered it at his home. I felt terrible because he spent so many years recovering, I mean, helping her. She died 15 years ago, and then at kind of had to go through that with his son. And I mean, he's a hero, but I just I just felt horrible being there. And I just remember seeing my mom go through that. And towards the end, you know, I was in and out of the hospital and I always vowed I'm never going to be in a fucking hospital I hate it here. And then there I was, and that really bad really added to my depression and freaked me out. David, what did you do all this stuff? There's so many questions for you. But right now I'm gonna go to what did you do? How were you seem like you're in a good state of mind. Now? How did you overcome the depression? So I went to a therapist. Actually, after the first year, I was really avoiding going to a therapist. I didn't want to I didn't. I've had therapy before, and it never really did anything for me. But I was referred to this short shrink therapist. Yeah. And she was really helpful. She was great. And going there, I just went there once a week, but just going there and talking with her about everything. And it. It really helped. Because I didn't want to burden anybody else. You didn't want to talk to your friends about it. Not really, I just didn't want to be that guy. Just I felt like I was being annoying. To be honest. I didn't want to like that is tough. I fully understand it. But that is a it's a tough position to put yourself in. Yeah, no, I realized that now. Yeah. And I actually have a lot of good friends that were actually really, really helpful. But I think it also helped to talk to someone that didn't really know me very well, at all actually. Seems always seems to be Yeah, I always feel like we're gonna get it's always easier to talk to strangers. Oh, yes, for sure. Is your friends because it's theirs. I don't know. There's just nothing at stake with strangers. No, she was also very attractive. That always helped a lot. Yeah, I said a nice figure the whole thing. For sure. So yeah, that's what really got me through it. And just, you know, it's just time I guess it's such a cliche, time heals, and it really has. Isn't that fucking cliche that at the time you hear it when you're in it? You literally like whoever said, Go fuck yourself. Absolutely. And then later you realize goddamn time does heal. It really does. It's, it's, it's amazing. Yeah, I know. I remember people saying any sort of cliche to me and I was like, you can go fuck yourself. Really go fuck yourself. When I was deep in my bullshit, I had a relative say to me, Hey, honey, everything's gonna be okay. And I was like, how would you? Why would you say that? What convinces you that everything's gonna be okay, because there's nothing on my radar that says that. Yeah, no, I was always someone said that. To me. It's like, No, it's not look at me. Nothing is okay. Yeah. And I really was convinced that I was, I mean, like, I was gonna stay at that really sickly weight. And then I you know, I gained a little bit of weight. I'm still fairly skinny. But I guess that was the best thing that came out of it. I looked I looked decent now. Yeah. Because one of the that was one of the first things I said to you is how amazing you look, because you don't look emaciated. You look healthy, right? Is that you're doing or is that just the way it ended up? I mean, it's a little bit. I mean, it's it's hard to gain weight. But it's I've been doing more exercise, and I've been trying to be more athletic and doing stuff like that. There are a lot of hikes and shit like that. And yeah, I think it's just kind of a little bit of what I've been doing, but also just, that's how it turned out. And I'm so grateful because I didn't want to be like 130 for the rest of my look like. Yeah, cuz even before I could probably kick your ass, but even now, I'm just like, Oh, I could take Pressman. He's a little wisp of a man. I'm pretty confident that I could kill you. I take everything back that I just said. David, it's awesome that that you're alive. First of all, what's going on? Why are there consequences now to the fact that you only have 20% of your pancreas? I mean, the biggest consequences diabetes, I guess that's really it. Just that you have it? Yeah. Okay, but you can manage that what you have been doing? Yes. It's not like okay, you're dead now because you only have a piece of pancreas. No, and I remember asking my doctors does this mean like, I can get pancreatic cancer much easier. Yeah, that's my thought. They're like, No, not at all. though. I feel if I ever did get pancreatic cancer it would be over in about a minute. There's nothing there. There's nothing there. Okay, so yeah, hopefully that won't happen for a while if it ever does. Are you mad that you now have diabetes? Oh, yeah. No, it's I'm mad. Yeah. It's it's super annoying. But, you know, I guess the trade off I didn't die. So I guess that's good. We talked about earlier you and I were discussing about myself. And I was telling you that I'm fully at peace with my abilities disabilities. Are you at peace with the fact that you have diabetes? That's a good question. I mean, sometimes I am, I think for the most part I am. But there's some times where I'm by myself and my place and I'm like, I get a why me kind of attitude. But I've gotten a lot better with that. Where does the Wi Fi come from? What sort of limitations are exactly that would make you think that I mean, I used to really like food. I know this is gonna sound really, like trivial, but I just loved food and excited to be able to eat anything and everything. Yeah. And now, I can't. I can't like go to the movies need Whoppers. I used to love Whoppers. Wait, everything stops there. Whoppers was your concession food of choice at the movies. I love Whoppers and it's just silly. No only 12 year olds like water so your silly Whoppers is the best and Red Vines. Okay. I can't even really have popcorn. That's that's a bummer. Yeah, so I think maybe more than why me was just like it was much more prevalent when I was in the hospital and could barely move. And that first year it was just it was so hard to walk. I got so exhausted all the time. And I really thought this is what my life's gonna be. So it was that was why me every day and my poor dad had to I mean, I was fucking crying every single day. Emotionally crying. No, yeah. David, I'm sorry. But it would still be nice to have some Whoppers I'm gonna go back to I'm gonna get keep saying Whoppers. I think it's more of the word usage that you like more than the taste of the silly chocolate itself. How do you not like malt? It's it's the malt flavor. It's that's ridiculous. Do you know who gets malts? Little kids? Listen, if I had a choice between a shake, and a malt Oh is malt you're not completely wrong. Okay, thank you. You're welcome. What when I was a kid might if I ordered a shake or a malt, my parents would make the waitress put an egg in it. Was that a thing? Or is that just my parents being weird? I'll tell you what. I don't know that it was a thing but man, it sounds like a delicious addition. Little protein in there. A little bit of that goo just kind of sounds good. Oh, do I love goo? Yeah, that's that's where the diabetes comes up. So much go delicious. All right. So that being said, we started at the top asking what's your favorite so you still got there's some days when you go to Shake Shack and you leave the bread on or you go to McDonald's and you get the whatever? So what's that meal? Do you know that? I don't you know, it's pizza is what I do. Yeah, pizza is my is my big cheat on love it. So you have a sense it is a cheat. There's got to be only there's got to be a go to place when I want that cheat. Where does it go to vetoes okay to know vetoes. Yeah, yeah. That's That's my plate is kind of close to me. And yeah, I really think it's great. So my recommendation is far vastly different from vetoes. But you've probably been and that is I like little Tony's Wait, little Tony's is that in the valley, or am I completely wrong? Yeah. Over there off. What like Lankershim and oh, yeah, I haven't been there in ages. Yes, I can go there. I like it. But I've sent people there. And they're like, that's just greasy and no good. And it's like, well, I love it. No, that's old school. I would like that, I think. Yeah, yeah. Also onion ring, some big onion rings. Do you ever do the tower at Red Robin may sound silly, but they've got some pretty great onion rings there. I haven't done it since I got sick. But yes, I have done it. See, that was the good thing I guess about getting diabetes. When I turned 50 It was like at least I had 50 years of eating everything and whatever it was, and so I remember what it tasted like at least I got to know that. I just miss a lot of it. Yeah. Yeah, well, the great thing is, honestly, is that you do miss it, because that means you're taking care of your shit. Yeah. And I, you know, I have asshole friends that taught me. Oh, yeah, you know, the right in front of me and they say, doesn't this look good? Or come on? We're going to so and so come on you can have something Oh yeah, exactly. Yeah. That's horrible. Yeah, terrible enablers, I was surprised at your story of hanging with your dad, when you had to go there for a few months after the operation that you guys ended up fighting after a little while now I'm not surprised on one end because you spent enough time with anybody you're going to end up arguing. But I would say of all the love affairs that we're forced to look at on social media, your seems to be the most true with your dad. So what happened? How did it get to a point where you're, you're arguing so much with this man that you seem to idolize on social media? Well, so I was a horrible, horrible patient, horrible. So he had every right to, you know, raise his voice to me or get annoyed with me. And that made me super angry. But I knew that I was always in the wrong. Now also, he's a real stickler for the rules. And sometimes I wanted to bend the rules, and he wouldn't let me do it. And we just, and also, as I mentioned before, I didn't want to be there when he had to take care of my mom for so long. I didn't want to have you felt guilty. I did. I felt really I felt really guilty. I was like, I can't do this to him. And I know how scared he was when he came to the hospital every day. Yeah. And at that point, I could have taken care of, I was able to take care of myself. So I went home. What did he invite you in initially? Or did you ask to come over? He initially invited me in and I thought I really needed that. Because when I first got diabetes, I had to give myself three shots a day. And I was scared about it. I didn't know if I was doing it. Right. I was also so depressed like this is my life three shots every day. Really? Yeah. Yeah, I just wanted to get out of his hair really. And I wanted him. I wanted him to believe that I was going to be okay. On my own. I don't know if he actually did believe that. But it worked out. And yeah, I mean, we're super close. David, I would bet I could be wrong. But I'm throwing this out there. That when we're relegated to having to go to our parents house for length of time for any reason. There becomes that moment where you feel like the little kid again, and he's the parent, and you've kind of lost the relationship that we've built as adults. And now I'm 10 years old again. That is for sure what happened for sure. There he was taking care of me this you know, 50 year old man. And also he's he was like, late 70s. Then he's no spring chicken. Bad that he was he was really like, running around trying to make sure I was okay. And what would go to the pharmacy and get me stuff and you don't need to be doing this. And were you relatively immobile or can you get from bed to the living room? I could get to the bed to the living room. But I was I felt like a nine year old man. Just trying to walk. Yeah. That was open pain all the time. My back was just killing me. It was it was a dark, dark year for sure. And now are you in a position? I don't know if you want to play kickball at the family reunion. Are you able to? Yeah, I've been playing pickleball recently. Shut up. Look at you, man. Oh, how awesome is that? It's it's great. It changes your whole perspective. I would hope not what pickleball the ability to play pickable Yeah, I mean, I'd like that's, I was always fairly athletic even before and so I'm just glad that I'm able to do that. Yeah. Now I might get little little tired. A little faster. Yeah, but that's also you know, I'm I'm 56 I'm all this pocket. So it's I'm just I do you look better than me because I'm 56 and I feel like you look great. I think I look a lot better. Yeah, you know, when people ask that they actually misleading you to not say the the negative thing. I like to be honest, because one of the things that happened when they removed a lot of my pancreas and I should have taken this out for sure. Um, now you really do look amazing, dude. I appreciate that. Yeah, I mean, you knew I wouldn't say you looked unhealthy before but maybe Okay, sure. Maybe you did look unhealthy before. And now it's just like, Who's this fresh fit dude who's 50 Six. Good for you. I know I need to you need to work my Tinder account. II. I think Wait, is that the guy one or the CO ed one? No, that's the grinder is that don't pretend you don't know what that is. You don't know all of my secrets. I don't care who you are. David. I want to touch on something that that always fascinated me and I'm glad I have you here to talk about it but it is your dad. I meant what I said when you go on social media sometimes you see people waxing high their love for somebody. And you're just like Good lord, shut the fuck up already. You buy your social media love the hell out of your dad. He's an idol to you. If I had to describe it. How I see it on your social media. Number one, is that true? And number two, how and how did he get to that level? Oh, by the way, yes. He is my idol. He's my hero. Yeah. We were not always that close. You know? And I was stupid teenager. I did not enjoy him. Okay. Also, he's not my birth father. Get out. Yeah. How about that? Always love knowing stuff. When did when did he take you in? So my parents my mom and my birth father they divorced when I was five. And then my birth father died when I was 14. My mom remarried Larry my now dad when? I guess seven years old. So he's been around. He's He's basically my father. He raised me he matter of fact, tea. In my my real name is David. Yet a gar off. That was my birth name. Now, I don't accept that. But go ahead. Yeah, Debbie had a scarf. So my dad in my 20s he officially adopted me. We went to that didn't meet you till you were 14. No, he, no, he was the was at seven years old. I would say I skipped ahead. And my my dad, my birth father died when I was 14. So yeah, so I remember I was the oldest kid in the court getting adopted by like years. And now that I became officially David Pressman. But when my mom passed away 15 years ago, we became super close these last 15 years. So we've become really, really close. And I you know, I see him I talked to him. Every day. I see him as much as possible, you know, yeah. He has more energy than most people. I know. He just turned 83. He's still working. And, and your dad, you should know, because we've never talked about him. You and I. But I know who he is. He's a what I would call a famous character actor. Sure. And I mean, that's got to be a kick for you. Just to have that in your life, especially since you're an actor as well. Oh, yeah. Well, I mean, my mom was. My mom was on a soap opera for a long time. Oh, yeah. I didn't know that. Yeah, my grandparents were actors, the whole thing. So yeah, and I saw what everyone went through, and I still wanted to do it. Yeah. Though, for a moment. I wanted to be a cop. They taught me how far did you go? Just thinking like, oh, just thinking about it, but really wanting to I was like, very time of my life. I was very anti drug and I wanted to get the drug off drugs off the streets. Yeah, I went as far as the pre training academy. Oh, you did? Yeah. Oh, well, yeah. I think that I would have been a corrupt cop terrible. I think detect some things you don't have to be truthful with. Yeah, sorry about that. But detective like I love like, I watch any of those shows, you know, the first 48 all that. I remember going to Vegas with my girlfriend at the time and I all I wanted to do was the CSI experience. So so much what is that I was bad. Because it cries a couple of crimes and you got to solve them. No less, like, actors playing dead bodies in the room type of thing. No. They just there's like setups and clues and there's rooms and stuff and you got to find that you get a little they tell you there's like a host and they tell you what happened or what what what went on. I want that really bad. How much would something like that cost? That was I think it might have been $50 Oh my god. That's nothing. No, it was pretty good. And my girlfriend and I solved both cases. Good for you. We became detectives. It was very exciting. And then we broke up. Yeah, I couldn't stand her. Yes, she was the worst are you? Are you a Vegas guy in general? I, I Oh, yeah. I love Vegas. And actually, I went back a month ago for the first time. You know, since I got sick. Yeah. And it was a blast. I was a little harder to stay up late. But yeah, I went with a few friends and did all the Vegas II things. And it was really fun. David, what's the difference? Because I know there's a difference for me. But what's the difference between Vegas at 25 years old? And Vegas now? Well, I think I mean, you don't want to go to a pool party. Yeah. That's the biggest point, right? Yeah. You don't want to go to a pool party. You know, you just don't maybe want to be up all night partying. Think that's what it is. You just get real. You get super tired. You count the next day. If you're there a weekend and you go big on Friday. Saturday has just ruined you don't bounce back. Couldn't do it. No. You need to sleep all day. Maybe go into like this asana somewhere. If you can get out of bed. Yeah, exactly. I think for me now, dinner and a show. And some sort of game blackjack or poker. Right. And then bed. That's good for me. Yeah, that that we did. I didn't do the show. And we kind of went we kind of went hard. We kind of went. We were kind of acting like we were without the pool party. But we were acting like we're young people. And it was rough. It was a rough drive. I'm the only one that drove there because I don't enjoy flying. scares me. Oh, I didn't understand. You're a big baby. Yeah, I'm a big baby. Also planes are unsafe. But anyway, so I tried drove it. Yeah. And you're in control? Sure. It's a nice little, you know, little road trip. As a matter of fact, all the jokes aside, I prefer the drive to Vegas, instead of the flight. I think it's beautiful. It's barren. But there's something wondrous about it. Especially David, I hope you'll agree and have done it. But I would rather leave at 11pm and get that Starry Night drive all the way there. Absolutely. But that is also something harder to do when you're older. That's Oh, I think that's the young person's drive. I get you get tired. Okay. But yes, I agree. Yeah. And also you avoid the traffic and all that stuff. Very true. Except one day, I was coming home early morning. 5am. From Vegas to LA. Oh, wow. And the there's a torrential downpour at the time. And there's only one car ahead of me one car. And he hydroplaned into a bout four circles. And I had to dodge him. In order to live. Yeah. Yeah. So that was exciting. That does sound exciting. Especially you know, when you're over 40 It's like, whoo, this happened. Do you ever stop and beautiful Baker, California. When I used to want a delicious bun, boy, yes, for sure. But now that that Oh, and then I would visit when they were Bob's Big Boy. Because I'm also a fan of the big boy. But now it's something non salacious. I don't know what it is. But now I don't stop there. Bob's Big Boy is wonderful. Yeah, I do miss Bob's Big Boy. Yeah, I used to enjoy pappy Parker's fried chicken. That Bacchus fried chicken. I don't know why you have to say it like, wow, that was the commercial if you have any knowledge. I mean, I thought this big boy. I didn't know you're doing character work. Or other exacting David. Okay. I loved Pepe Parker's fried chicken. It's wonderful. I think they still have it probably right. I think they do. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna have to go get some. Yeah. Can we go after this together? Or do you have to go somewhere? Oh, that's a very good question. Oh, no, I might be going to see a movie. Wow. I don't like the way it just popped into your head as an excuse to get away from digging me. Actually. I will know. As soon as this is over. I will text and see if I have to go to this movie. If not. I'm down for pappy Parkersburg fried chicken. David who? Who do you hang out with like, Who's the one on the who's the maybe movie? And who your friends that are go to like, oh yeah, I hang out with so and so. The movie is a friend of mine named Avi tal you know who I hang Randall Slaven? Yeah, you know Yeah, Matt 11 You know MATLAB damn okay, you're still old school. It's all the old Cesar all your boys. There's some new my best friend Noel is my ex. Okay. Um, But let's talk about that. How did that delve into? Where we are a couple. And now we're not a couple, we're just really good friends. So, I mean, I think we did it around 13 years ago, and it was for a little less than a year and we just leave, we fought a lot. That wasn't fun. And I'm a guy, that's friends with most of his exes. I know, a lot of people don't do that. But I'm like, they never end terribly. And there was a reason you went out with them in the first place. Let's be friends. So no, well, we broke up as sad, you know, and a couple of months. And a couple of months later, we just started hanging out, going to lunches and stuff and friends. And she just, she's the best friend I've ever had. She's the closest friend I've ever had. She and her sister, Laura. They're both TV writers. Both very talented. And yeah, without them. I don't know. They really helped save my life during all that. Oh, wow. That's awesome. Yeah. David, you and her are comfortable when you end up in relationships with other people. She's married now with two kids and her husband super cool. And I hang out with the kids as much as I'm, you know, like the honorary uncle to the kids. It's nice. So yeah, that's great. That's awesome. I had one like that. We're not friends anymore. But. But yeah, it was nice to kind of go go for a while as friends and even into her marriage. It's a good feeling to be able to do that. Yeah, I don't know. I would be real honestly, I would be lost without her. So I'm very glad just in my life, nurse. When I met you, you you came across shy at first, and then you started making jokes. And it's like, oh, okay, I see who this guy is. But I still don't deny that, uh, you know, I've only hung with you in person a few times. And today, of course, but you still strike me as somebody who's innately shy? And my way of course, no, I'm shy. Especially when I first meet people, or in a group. It's weird to be an actor, but like, one of my biggest fears is public speaking. So like, just standing up there, and I have to stand up there and be myself. I don't like that one bit. sneezing, it's not COVID. Alright, I'm back. Yeah, I think I'm sure I think it takes a while for me to, you know, let loose so to speak. I really have to feel pretty comfortable. It's funny because your confidence in your humor is super high. And it's odd. That that doesn't translate into who you are in social settings. Yeah, that's actually that's good point. I don't even know how to answer that. Okay. Do you feel confident when you're when you're not in social settings when you're behind a computer? We know it's, we mean, behind the computer just by myself. But no meaning when you're expressing yourself on social media? Yeah, I feel much more confident. Yeah. And it shows when you read your stuff, whatever it is. It's like who is this guy? I want to know this guy. And then you meet him. And it's like, he's still great to meet. He's still awesome. But he's okay. This guy's much more demure than Yeah, I mean, I remember, you know, during COVID As you know, there was a lot of zoom poker things. Yeah. And I was invited to a few and I would I would rarely speak. I just like, I just I don't know, these people. I don't think they'll enjoy me. Wow, maybe they will find what I say funny. So I'm gonna hold off and it would take me a long time. I would I would have to hear someone like say something that I thought was funny or it's something that I maybe I would say or a subject that I could relate on or it's you know, something dark, make fun of. And then I would chime right in, but I'm pretty Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Where does that come from? I don't know. You know, I remember even back in the day, like if I would have to up My parents would take me to see a show. I remember one time my parents took me to Cirque de la was when it first came out here was on the Santa Monica. Yeah, years ago. And we got there for some reason so early that we were sitting there in the stands, and the guy who's the clown guy comes up to me and was like, he wanted to this whole bit with me this whole this whole shtick, yeah. And I was super nervous. And I was already starting to sweat. But I said, Yeah, I would do it. And I couldn't enjoy the show, because I was just waiting for the spotlight to come on me. And they had to do this bit and I was terrified. I hated it. I remember going to like a Shakespeare play was midsummer Midsummer Night's Dream, I think was summer Night's Dream. I can't even say it. I shouldn't My dad loves Shakespeare, he would get so upset with me. appropriately. So yeah. And there was like one of the actress came in the audience and started up like, you know, talk to me and I just wanted to cry. I just, it was it's really hard and even, I guess Falcon auditions. Sometimes I would just get super nervous and just sweat almost like Albert Brooks in broadcast news. It was like I was Yeah. I don't really have that much. self confidence. I should improve that. Well, should now but yeah, could you and would it be nice? Of course it would. It's certainly gotten better. As the years have gone on. Yeah. But I don't know. It always struck me as odd because it's. You're so acerbic and quick on online, and then when you meet you, you're so quick and quick once we get to know you. Yeah. But it is odd. It's like wait, this is the guy that says those hilarious things. I will say that if I've if I'm drinking it, it happens a lot quicker. Sure. Confidence. Of course. Yeah. That's the that the truth enabler. Yes. All right. I'm drinking also lowers my blood sugar. And I was talking to my doctor. And I said, So when I'm eating something bad. I'm gonna drink a few drinks. And it really helps that my doctors like whatever works. Really? Yeah. So I want that doctor is like, Hey, Doc Hershey bars are really good. Okay. Yeah. And just have a couple of vodka sodas with it. Yeah. So that is weird though. David, because booze is supposed to raise your sugar. Well, I asked him asked to talk to that. And he said it works differently with with different people. Okay, I got the lowering the blood sugar. I mean, not wine. If you could drink wine. That's just sugar. That's bad. But I didn't know that wine is worse than booze. Yeah, it's a lot of sugar. A lot of sugar in that. Yeah. Okay, but I can vodka soda or even like tequila soda, and when I'm eating something shitty, and that really helps. Okay. All right. I don't record this is not I don't recommend this for people listening. Maybe at home, I don't want people to eat badly and then just start drinking a bottle of vodka. You are going to start some epidemic and it's going to be called the Pressman principle of how people have died because they started drinking when they had diabetes. I'm torn because I'd like to have something named after me. I totally understand that. Yeah. All right. Um, Pressman. Tell me about your mom, I know she passed when you were younger. 15 years ago. What was your relationship like? I was very close to my mom. I mean, she was the best she she, she was sarcastic. I got my sarcasm from her. She taught me how to play poker. Now she my love for the Dodgers is because of her. And we are close and she got MS. When I was 18. And it was her decline was pretty fast. And her decline. I also had my own decline, you know, when you felt yourself go down when she was going down? Yeah, like really a depression and I remember was at when I was 2425. And I had this recurring job on the Newhart Show. And it was an awesome job and I got people wanted to do other things with Be I have a lot of opportunities and I just couldn't have cared less. My motivation was zip. I blew off a lot of, you know, auditions, and I gotta just, I was just so sad seeing my mom like that. And my mom had the best attitude about it. I never saw or heard her complain once and I couldn't believe it. Because if that was happening to me, because at one point, she couldn't walk, she couldn't do anything. Yeah, I would say throw me into a volcano. I can't live like this. That's a pretty extreme exit. Yeah. Well, I would think it'd be fast. Because of the lava. Yeah, the lava. Okay, right. It's just, I don't know if you saw the movie volcano, but I saw people, they just write like that they die. Tony Jones is such a good actor. Yes, yes. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, she. Yeah, when I think I was prepared for when she was when she died. Because she was so sick for so long. And I knew that at the time. It was close. But it was real difficult. That was real difficult. You know, I'll share with you that when my mom passed, but 10 years ago or so. You know, we knew it was coming. And I was just telling my cousin, one of the great things that I had with her passing is we had a chance to talk about it before well before it got dire. You know, how do you feel? Are you ready to go? Yada, yada, yada. And so by the time she went, yeah, it sucked. And there were tears. But at the same time, I don't know why just, I felt like okay, well, we talked about this and we're okay. I was just, my sadness came from that I would not be able to, you know, spend time with her anymore. There's also a part of me like, she doesn't have to live like this anymore. And that's, yeah, no, that's I think that's good. I didn't just didn't think there was any kind of life. Yeah. So in that respect, I think it was I was once a glad that she died. But I was I was more P I was more excitedly getting out of it. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, she was she was she was everything to me. I just, I love her and I miss her still a lot. You mentioned some great things that I think a lot of actors might relate to, in that, you know, she represented she, she helped me with my humor. She She was funny. She took me to all the theaters, all the plays. And I don't even know if she knows it, but she helps called me into wanting to be an actor and treat choose the creative path that I have. So I do love her for that. Absolutely. Yeah, there's no question there. Just comment. Okay. Thanks. Thanks for sharing that. You're welcome. I just wanted to tell you knows I mean, like my dad, he doesn't enjoy sports at all he could has no idea what poker is really. And so I mean, I don't know what would I have if my mom wasn't around? Well, would I've I don't know. That would have been a real a real jerk I mean, I guess I'm a little bit of a jerk but you're kind of dumb Yeah. No. Does your would were you go into Dodger games way back in the day when you were a kid? Yeah. So yeah, you're old school like me. You've been around to Steve guard Yes. Oh my God say Lopes Russell, forget about that was my introduction. Dusty Baker was my favorite player. Oh, man. I don't know where he comes in the lineup, but it's probably a few years later, but we're all mondesi was my favorite. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. What an arm on that guy. Oh, my God. Yeah. Unbelievable. The the Vin Scully passing I was a little surprised by I knew how old he was. I thought he had actually died years before he had actually died. And, and yet still as a piece I am with the understanding of death. I was still affected. Yeah, that that definitely brought me to tears. And immediately I thought of my mom, because, you know, sure. Vince Kelly so much listened to him together and but he was the voice of my childhood. I mean, yeah. And he was like, He was the best to use just the best is amazing. One of our mutual friends, David Arnott, he introduced me to an audio file of somebody daring Vin, to read a grocery list. And, and you know, with the promise that it'll be just as good as anything else. And God Damn, it's awesome. And you know, of course, you can totally picture it. You're gonna want a dozen eggs and a liter of milk. Just so good. It's so good. He's so good. Yeah, he will definitely be missed. The great thing I love about the pretty bad pretty much a general when people mentioned then and the Dodgers is dad playing them on the radio in the garage, when they're, you know, when you're working. Oh, right. I totally that's that's what it was. Yeah. My dad never played Vince Collie. No, you know, he didn't know me. Oh, God. It was my mom that was only playing Vin Scully. But also the Vince Collie. Like he had so many iconic calls that he called Henry Aaron's the record breaking home run. Yeah. In football. He called the catch the sport and yeah. I mean, that's pretty amazing. Yeah, he's good. Yeah. I used to do an impersonation of Ross Porter. Ooh. And right. You kind of want to hear that, right. Yeah, I would like that. But no, it's it was never good. I think in my mind, I was just like, convinced that it was decent. But yeah, you don't even want to hear it. That was just a good tease. That's outrageous. I really shouldn't have brought it up. Yeah. You should edit this part out. Well, sometimes I leave things in just so I can get some words in. Okay. Good. We're just chillin. Yeah. What else you want to talk about? I'm thinking, okay. David, my parents were big on the spanking slash beating up. Where were you on that level with your parents? There was none of that. Okay. There was. My dad would maybe ground me and then five minutes later, my mom would unground I just drove my dad. Well, yeah, it makes me mad. Yeah. Yeah, there wasn't much of that, though. I was also a pretty this might be hard to believe I was a pretty good kid. Like can cause that much even. The only the worst thing I did was dropped out of high school and my parents were out of town. Wow, there were you forced to go back. I was not they just they sat me down. They said get a job and take the GED. So I did that. Why? What do you mean? Like they knew you weren't going to go back? So okay, well, you better do this. Then. It was it was halfway through my senior year. I just couldn't take it anymore. They went out of town to bow the country, actually, for a couple of weeks. And as I am I can't do this anymore. I hate it. And yeah, and I think I had it because my mom also didn't finish high school. So I had a little backup. Yeah, you're right. But David, I think we all hated high school to some level, even though I don't think I would ever leave it. But what was so bad about it that you were just done? I didn't like the teachers. I wasn't doing well. All my really close friends graduated a year ahead of me. Girls didn't like me. I was like overweight with zits. I was like, I gotta get out of here. So you went to a carnival? I went to a carnival. Yeah, so you could be accepted? Oh, yes, I did. I fell in love with the bearded lady. Yeah. And we made love. She's got to be so sweet. I would imagine. So sweet. Yeah. It might be a different podcast, but it's Yeah, I have some stories. You know, I have a weird thought that with you that. I see similarities. Like number one. I don't even know what you do. I don't know if you're a full time actor. I don't know if you're a part time actor. But I think what I want to ask you is this growing up, we wanted to be actors. That's what we were going to do. And that's what we pursued ultimately. Did you succeed are you that? Or do you have regrets that you should have done something else? Where are you now mentally with where your life is as far as career? I mean, whenever I'm not working, I'm always thinking I should have done something else because being an actor can be really difficult. I've managed to be an actor and not I had to do something else. I think also, it's helped that I am single with no children. I think if I was married had kids, I might have thought about having to do a little something else besides acting, but you know, it's, there was always lean years. I've been doing a lot of animation stuff recently. That's kind of cool. You're talking voices. Yeah. Awesome, dude. Voice over stuff. Yeah. So that's fun. That's a whole new thing for me. But I mean, I love it. I've always loved it. I don't know what else I would have done or will do. I think I'm a lifer. I'm always gonna do this. And that's a good point to make to that. Is it? Is there a worry about? Retirement? How long can you carry? What you're doing now? And if it stops? How will you survive retirement? Well, I can't say I don't want to stop but I retirement would be tough. You know what? I don't think I can ever retire. Thanks for depressing me. I just have to keep doing this to try to make money. You know, and just I guess, maybe just take my pension? I don't know. Or you could be a greeter at Walmart. No, yeah, I could do that. Can you practice? Are you right now? Just say hi to me. Hi. Welcome to Walmart. That's not bad. Dude. If I was a man, I will manage her at Walmart. I would hire you. Okay, well, that's that's Listen, that's food for thought. I would have to get a job as a manager at Walmart first. So don't you have any connections to Walmart? I don't. You might want to stick with the voiceover stuff. I don't know why you brought this up in the first place. Sorry, man. I'm cool. Do you? Do you have brothers and sisters and does your does your dad Larry. Does he have any other kids besides you? No. to both. I am an only child. And my dad they? Yeah, my my dad, my mom. They'd never had another kid. Or they I think they tried and they couldn't do it. I don't know. Maybe something's wrong with my dad's semen. Which happens a lot of information. Sorry. You can edit that part out? No, yeah. Only child. Did you like that? Growing up? When I was younger, I think I would have enjoyed maybe having a brother or a sister I hang out with actually even now it'd be kind of cool to have a brother sister. But no, it's not something that I think about. There was a lot of perks about being an only child. You got all the attention. Yeah, you know, little spoiled. Which would make me think and I'm I'm just a dude throwing out words, but it would make me think that you would be more would be less shy. Because you had so much attention as a kid. Yeah, didn't work that way. Didn't work that way. Now. Did you feel shy as a kid? I think I felt shy or when I got in my, my, my teen years, I think, like around 1617 I got really self conscious when you had all those hits. I think that's what it was all like when I was was heavy and had zits. I was just like, even now. When I look in the mirror, I squint a little bit. For what just because I'm like, Oh, I don't want to look at myself. I can't I just can't do it. Who is this? Who is this monster? Isn't that funny? And I like when I can never watch myself. If I'm on TV or something. I always have to do it through like my hands like the little sliver through my hands. That's fucked up. I'll tell you a little secret. I guess I'm telling everybody. But you know, I'm very confident guy. I don't know if you pick up on that. But I'm confident and I think I'm handsome and charming. The whole nine yards. And then David, I look in the mirror. And I'm like, What the fuck? Who are you fooling Jesus? No, no, you're a handsome guy. No, I appreciate that. I'm not looking for that. But I appreciate you saying that. But I feel like we were saying the same thing. It's like sometimes I just look in the mirror and I'm like, Oh my God. Yeah, it's tough. The agent processes and great. That's, that's very true. That's not great. But at the end of the day, yeah, I'm not good. I like that attitude. Yep. Got to ya. Got to how are you with you? So I know you know well is now your friend. But so who do you have? Are you dating? I am not dating anyone? Are you Lauren? Do you miss that? Or do you wish you had somebody right now? I don't really. I'm, I've gotten used to being single. I enjoy it. I like being able to do What I want to do what I want to do it and yeah, like I have friends of mine who want to set me up but I'm like, No, I don't I don't want that. You don't want to be set up. You just don't like the blind element. Yeah, it just makes me all of it makes me uncomfortable. After everything we talked about today, I would agree that you're not ready to meet somebody blindly. Yeah, don't do that. No, you need to develop a friendship and then realize, hey, let's kiss. Yes, that um, yes. I should have done that with you. By the way years ago. I appreciate that. But I yeah, I don't all my past girlfriends have always most of them come from being friends first. So yeah, that's neat, dude. I like that better. Yeah, it's rare. I'm only sitting here thinking, I can't recall just meeting someone. There was one girl that I've met, that we just instantly looked at each other. We're like, yep. But other than that, no, I knew somebody we hung out. I'm somebody within what I just talked about how charming I am and whatnot. You have to get to know that. I think candidly. And honestly, you're not going to look at Michael Vieyra. And think I'm going out with this guy. You got to get to know Michael Vieyra. And then you're going to say, Ah, I'm going out with this guy. Yeah, sure. Makes sense. Yeah, it does. Yeah. Like I would say this, David and not in any, not in any way for humor. I look at you and I'm thinking Oh, okay. He I know David, he looks good. But I don't want to date him. But when I get to know you, and we talk, you are definitely somebody I would hang out with all the time. I'm, I'm fairly cool. Yes, you are. I'm a good hang. Yep. Yeah, I'm fun to hang out with. I don't know if I'm fun to date. Oh, what's the difference? Why do you change? I just think I think I may be a little difficult. You have expectations. It's not that I just like, I like being I like having buy myself time. And I like to be able to maybe, Hey, maybe I want to go to this, this party by myself. And if you're in relationship, you can always do that. David, I fully understand what you're saying. But I don't know why you're not ready to make the compromise with the understanding that you're in that relationship and she wants to go with you. Yeah, I don't want to do that. Damn. You're stringent. Yeah, no, I am stringent. I don't know what that means. But I felt like it would fit the sentence appropriately. Stringent is a good word. Okay. That reminds me of the word stripe. Stripe X medicated. You're used to use the boy god yeah. The severed you wipe your face and loaded with dirt. Yeah, exactly. I don't actually know where you're from. Are you not from you're not from California. Born and raised. Okay. Yeah, what's wrong? And the great thing is David, I've lived all over LA County from West Covina all the way to South Redondo Beach. And And yes, I am an elitist. I made sure to say South Redondo Beach as opposed to North Redondo Beach, right. It's literally like the other side of the tracks. But yeah, it was awesome. I lived one block away from the ocean. And you could hear the waves crash at night as you go to sleep. That was awesome. That does sound nice. Yeah. I grew up in Sherman Oaks. Ah. When you grew up in Sherman Oaks, how exciting was it for you? When Fast Times at Ridgemont High came out? I mean, I used to go to that mall all the time. Yeah. I played in that video arcade. I went to Paris pizza. All of it. Yeah. You went to the movie theater there. Yes. Fantastic. Yeah. I just thought man, that would have been exciting. Because I know at that point, we were all going to malls as kids at the time. You even had a bit of that in Commando. What do you mean Schwarzenegger movie? Oh, yeah. He was swinging from the rafters in that. That's right. Well, that was the Sherman Oaks Galleria was the place to be. Yeah. Yeah, those are those are fun times. It's not like that really anymore. At no attack. That's totally different. More disappointing. I wouldn't even call it a wall. But yeah, I don't know what that is. All right. Well, we may be winding down but I'm okay with that. But I just want to make sure you're not going to leave here crying that you didn't ask me but the thing was, I don't know what thing but you know, I don't I think you know, talking about mom and the sickness that was that's been what's most prevalent. Yeah. So I don't have much besides Do you? Are you fulfilled David? Do you feel like I know you just jokingly said I don't have much but are you fulfilled or do you wish there was more in your life? I wish my I wish the career was better. I wish I was busier, busier in what way? I mean, I wish I was working. Well got it more work. Yeah. But besides that, I feel I feel pretty fulfilled. I've had a pretty, pretty great life. Actually, I've gotten to do a lot of cool things and meet a lot of cool people. And so I'm happy for that. I just have to remember that sometimes when I go into like a real like, little bit of a spiral like, Fuck the fuck am I doing with myself? True. So but yeah, I think overall, always find that that present moment where you are presently it changes everything, for sure. All right, well, I wish you the best. I hope that you end up marrying the bearded lady that you met at the carnival. She She is avoiding my my calls. David. I know. I'd say no. I don't want to get into it. Lose your expectation that she's going to be fucking awesome, dude. I tried to shave her and she wouldn't go for it. Totally makes sense. Man. You can't change people. No, I know. Let them be who they are. I know the beard. Lady should have a beard. I mean, it's in the name. No, I know. I understand that. No. Thank you for having me. This has been a blast. Actually. I really enjoyed this dude. I loved it. And if you ever want to do it again for any reason, I'm down. Oh, for sure. All right. Do me a favor. Tell Andrew to take us out. Tell Andrew to take us out. Yeah. Hey, Andrew, take us out. All right, you guys. Thanks for coming out. That was awesome. We're going to be back in a couple of weeks. So hopefully you'll join us then. And if you feel so inclined, please leave a positive review on any of your favorite platforms. And if you didn't like us, of course, this is Xavier McGillicuddy signing out for today. It's Michael Vieyra. You knucklehead See you later