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Our current status. A new DVD and then boom - everybody gets Covid but recovering now.

August 10, 2022 David Bay Season 1 Episode 9
Cutting Edge Ministries Podcasts
Our current status. A new DVD and then boom - everybody gets Covid but recovering now.
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It has been a while since our last podcast. Part of that was due to being in the studio and producing the new DVD from Mac Dominick. The other part was that our entire staff tested positive for Covid which took the wind out of our sails for a couple weeks but now we are back at it with this podcast update and what's coming next. David is again posting daily news updates and writing our free newsletters and news alert.

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Hi and welcome to the Cutting Edge podcast. This is Jim at Cutting edge and we have not had a new podcast for a several weeks and this one will be a short one to catch up every one with what we have been doing that took our attention away.

A few months ago Mac Dominic called me and said he had a new power point presentation that he wanted to film. He asked me to go through the presentation and give him my thoughts. My first thought was WOW, how soon can you get ready to come in the studio and film this. This teaching is so revealing of what is happening in the world right now.  When President Biden commented that things are shifting and that we are moving into a new world order and he wants to lead it, I said, let's get this done now!!

So Mac came in and we filmed the presentation. I turned my attention from Podcast and went into long days and evenings of digitizing the power point slides and integrating it into this new DVD. The title is System Breakdown, Living in the Time of the Paradigm Shift. Mac put together so much information in this 2 and 1/2 hour presentation that some have said they had to watch it more than once and take notes.

On the day I finished and proofed the DVD master I took a copy home to watch with my wife. She is very good at giving me loving criticism which I greatly appreciate. She and I were in Mac's Sunday school class for many years and she commented that she really missed his teaching and she continued to say how he really hit the nail on the head with this DVD.  

So after the completion of the DVD and shipping the preorders out David sent me the script for the next podcast. I took a weekend of and took my usual 10 mile hike through a nearby hilly forest to clear my head and think about the next podcast. I usually don't stop to rest but after stopping 3 times to rest I decided to take a shortcut and cut off the last two miles and head home as I felt my stamina was waning.  My wife met me on the door and said that she just tested positive for Covid. She is a cancer survivor who doctors though would not live two months. That was 25 years ago and she is immune compromised but still with me.  I tested and was negative but two days later was positive. This was apparently the new Omicron variant which was not much worse than a cold and we both got over it in a week but with some nagging after effects like tiredness and for me a scratchiness in my throat that is getting better slowly and only manifests when I talk. That makes a long podcast a very challenging

After two weeks from testing positive our director David called to tell me the he and his wife and son were all positive. One of the effects my wife had was dizziness when standing and I had to grab her to keep her from falling once. David had this same thing happen and he fell down some stairs and got a bit banged up.

As we are all recovering, we now have a recession and we are moving faster into the new world order, socialism and order out of chaos,  A new order, a paradigm shift. Inflation is a tool of an overspending government and this one is moving us into that New World Order.

Excuse the coughs most of which I edited out in this podcast. I will get to the new podcast soon and David is back doing the daily news updates and the newsletters. We appreciate your prayers and  your donations so much. If you can contribute on a monthly or one time basis just visit our web site at and look for the donations button. Your donations have enabled us over the past couple of years to make our entire site free to all which has been a long time goal. Please consider becoming a supporter so we can keep it free including these podcasts.  New podcasts will be coming soon and I have seen Mac's new power point for the next DVD for this fall so we have much work to do and many people to reach with the message of salvation through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and to disciple believers into a closer walk with Him through our web site, books and DVDs.

I want to say something about DVDs and how important they are.  We are becoming accustomed to streaming video and our software and data being kept in the cloud where our web sites are. We have already seen the suppression of conservative Christian thought on Facebook and twitter. At some point government will suppress those streaming videos they see that don't fall in line with the new world order plan and with the flip of a switch those videos will be gone but DVDs and books will still be in your possession for study and witnessing to others.

Here are just a few of the subjects for the next podcast which I will get to as my voice holds up.

President Biden is paying the bill for Putin's war again Ukraine!

California has now introduced a bill which would legalize the murder of babies up until they were 7 days old!

Marriage is now no longer a commitment to God and holy; it is now "Nonbinary"!

Did President Biden just quietly create a new Federal Agency which will usher in Climate Change through massive government regulation?

A retired IDF general declared that the new war with the Palestinians has ALREADY begun!

God Bless you and thank you for listening.