Street Life

Julia Coddington

August 25, 2022 Mark Davidson and John St Season 1 Episode 3
Street Life
Julia Coddington
Show Notes

Julia Coddington is a world-renowned, award-winning street photographer from New South Wales, Australia.

Julia has been a finalist in numerous international street photography competitions and her work has been exhibited globally.

On top of judging street photography festival competitions, both in Australia and around the world, she is also the co-founder of the Unexposed Collective - a platform for Australian women and non-binary street photographers – and a member of the Little Box Collective.

Julia discusses, among other things:

  • How travel introduced her to street photography
  • Her 'pool' project in 
  • Getting close to subjects on the street
  • The importance of women-only spaces in street photography
  • Male bias in photography competitions

Photographers mentioned in this podcast:

  • Elliott Erwitt
  • Vineet Vohra
  • Maciej Dakowicz

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