Street Life

Daniel Dunlop (aka @the_stash)

September 30, 2022 Mark Davidson and John St Season 1 Episode 9
Street Life
Daniel Dunlop (aka @the_stash)
Show Notes

In this episode, John and Mark speak with Canadian street photographer Daniel Dunlop (aka @the__Stash), who is based in Kitchener, Ontario. 

Dan is a member of @Street_Badass and @MakeMyOwnShtt

Daniel discusses, among other things:

  • His street photography journey
  • Is there a link between street photography and skate boarding?
  • What’s the meaning behind the name?
  • Whether Kitchener has fallen on hard times or are we seeing a different side to the city through his photographs?
  • The story behind the “Queen” shot
  • How he shoots and dealing with people on the street
  • Advice for new street photographers on improving their game

His gear addiction (past and present):

  • Sony A9ii 
  • Sony Ace 5500
  • Sony 200-600mm
  • X-PRO2
  • X-PRO3
  • X100v
  • X100f
  • GFX 50r
  • XF23mm F2
  • XF35mm F1.4
  • XF14mm F2.8
  • Leica Q
  • Leica M240
  • Leica M10
  • Leica M10R Black paint

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