Street Life

Alex Munoz

November 11, 2022 Mark Davidson and John St Season 1 Episode 15
Street Life
Alex Munoz
Show Notes

In this episode, John and Mark speak with Alex Munoz. Alex was born and raised in the good old USA but currently resides in Japan. He focuses on portrait and street photography as well as creating content for his You Tube channel.

Alex discusses, among other things:

  • Fast cars and his photography journey
  • Finding his street photography voice
  • Living in Japan, moving to Tokyo
  • Is Japan an exciting place to shoot and the challenges since COVID
  • Why he shoots film
  • Zines, YouTube, projects and the road trip with Sam Lintaro
  • Alex crystal ball and the future direction for photography
  • Making a living from photography

Photographers mentioned in this podcast:

  • Samuel Lintaro Hopf  (Samuel Street Life) – @lin.taro 
  • Tatsuo Suzuki - @tatsuo_suzuki_001
  • Tadashi Onishi - @Tadashionishi
  • Ivan Chow - @ivunchow
  • Bruce Davidson
  • Garry Winogrand

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