Street Life

Oscar Wollsten

December 02, 2022 Mark Davidson and John St Season 1 Episode 17
Street Life
Oscar Wollsten
Show Notes

In this episode, John and Mark speak with Helsinki-based street photographer Oscar Wollsten.

Oscar discusses, among other things:

  • The title of street photographer and whether it is helpful
  • Is your work / style a reflection of yourself or more of a creative endeavour?
  • Does mood change how you see the world and shape the images you create
  • Technique and hit rate
  • How do you self-manage what’s a good / bad shot
  • Visiting other places to keep you fresh
  • Shooting in Helsinki vs Riga 
  • Has making short films helped your photography and helped develop your style
  • Funding for his exhibition, future book, securing government funding and the personal significance behind the project
  • Starting a business and making a living from photography
  • If you could shoot anywhere in the world where would you shoot

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