EB-5 Reauthorization - What Has Changed?
Investing in America 101
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Investing in America 101
EB-5 Reauthorization - What Has Changed?
Jun 17, 2022 Season 1 Episode 2
Mike Xenick

In this episode Mike Xenick discusses the EB-5 Reauthorization with foreign investment and immigration attorney Christian Triantaphyllis. 
Topics include: 
1. What is EB-5, how does it benefit investors and the U.S. ?
2. Reviewing the EB-5 Reform & Integrity Act (RIA) passed by Congress and signed by President Biden on March 15th and the key changes enacted.
3. The main issue that emerged after March 15th regarding USCIS’s interpretation of certain areas of the new legislation.
4. What remedies are being pursued by the industry and what is understand to be the current status and timing of these remedies?
5. How the new rules will affect (a) investor demand for EB-5, and (b) use of EB-5 by developers to fund their projects. 

Episode Artwork EB-5 Reauthorization - What Has Changed? 47:31 Episode Artwork Introduction to InvestAmerica 27:44