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Episode 72 - Candy Canes For Breakfast
January 07, 2016 Error Machine

1.00 Luke's daughters had cabin fever 2.25 Connect 4 ruins families 4.00 Dustin and his sniffles 7.00 Breakfast nutrition 9.30 Board game discussion 10.30 Our next retrospective 12.30 Spontaneous Gilbert Gottfriend 18.20 Star Wars discussion 22.35 Dustin played Rise of the Tomb Raider 25.30 Luke played Bastion 30.35 Shovel Knight amiibo 33.00 Oculus Rift details announced 35.45 A Boy and His Blob getting current-gen port 39.15 No Assassin's Creed this year? 42.40 Dustin still hasn't seen Kung Fury 44.00 We need more 90s Nickelodeon games 46.00 Random Bayou Billy discussion 48.00 Outro/Plugs

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