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Episode 75 - Donkey Kong Country 2
February 07, 2016 Error Machine

Error Machine is back with another retrospective episode. This time, Luke takes the lead and he and Dustin discuss an SNES classic. While they heap loads of praises on the game, they also express some frustrations and gripe a bit as well. Time marks below 1.30 Dustin gets borderline racist 3.00 Hype for original DKC 8.30 What's different from the original? 15.00 Tons of collectibles/secrets 17.50 What makes the game good? 19.25 What could make the game better? 20.40 Difficulty 28.15 Diddy and Dixie's controls 30.50 Themed worlds 34.20 Different types of levels 43.45 Soundtrack 51.00 Animal buddies 54.25 Bosses 56.10 K. Rool battle 59.00 Whatever happened to the different Kongs? 1.01.10 Cranky Kong is a jerk 1.02.30 Character roll call 1.06.10 How Luke feels about the game now Music in order of appearance Opening Theme Bayou Boogie Minecart Melancholy Stickerbrush Symphony Snakey Chantey Donkey Kong Rescued Rate/Comment/Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Radio

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