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Episode 77 - I'm Agatha Christie Years Old
February 26, 2016 Error Machine

The original trio is back together and they waste no time, getting right into topics like Luke murdering himself, Dead Pool being almost as good as Howard the Duck, and the likelihood that Shane McMahon is going to wind up hurting himself at WrestleMania. 1.15 Luke started a new job 3.30 Luke's Dead Pool review 7.20 The Mega Man Legacy Collection 10.30 Dustin did nothing but work 11.30 Dustin's non-game of the week 13.00 Mew-stalgia 16.10 Luke played Fire Emblem Fates 24.50 Chris played the Decent Adventures of Van Helsing 26.30 New releases 36.00 XSEED's Uppers delayed due to lack of pre-orders 38.40 Capcom considering an Arcade Mode in Street Fighter V 41.30 Shane-O-Mac is probably going to die 49.00 Outro/Plugs @TheDustinThomas @BygJuce @FakeChrisCramer Rate/Comment/Subscribe on iTunes & Stitcher Radio Find us on YouTube.

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