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Episode 79 - Hybrid Park Linkin Theory
March 17, 2016 Error Machine

We spend an unnecessary amount of time this week talking about early 2000's Nu Metal music like Linkin Park, Disturbed, and Stone Temple Pilots, as well as talking about baseball movies and Dustin getting attacked by a (possible) Social Justice Warrior. As far as games go, we talk Fire Emblem Fates, The Division, Rocket League, and the Gears 4 Beta. 1.00 Obama 3rd term! 2.55 Luke hurt himself sleeping 4.40 The great American past time 7.00 Dustin's SJW story 12.30 Lightning Crashes 14.00 Your Nu Metal Minute 18.00 Down with the Sickness 21.15 Chester Bennington and STP 22.45 Luke played Fire Emblem Fates 30.30 Chris and Dustin's thoughts on The Division 43.30 New Releases 46.00 Star Fox Zero to have an 'Invincible Mode' 48.40 Rocket League to introduce cross-network play 51.15 Akira Tago passes away 53.00 Gears of War 4 beta announced 57.00 Outro/Plugs Follow us @TheDustinThomas @BygJuce @FakeChrisCramer Check us out on YouTube, and don't forget to subscribe and rate the show on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.

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