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Episode 81 - Miitomomania
April 19, 2016 Error Machine

Sorry about the unintended hiatus, folks. But were back with another wonderful and exciting episode of the Error Machine Podcast, this week covering topics like Miitomo, the Battleborn beta, the updates to The Division and Destiny, and much more. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, our YouTube page, and our Facebook page! 2.55 Changes to our next retrospective 7.30 Miitomo-Mania 16.00 Miitomo YouTube videos? 18.00 Luke played Fire Emblem Fates Conquest 21.50 Chris played the Division/Destiny updates 27.45 Dustin played the Battleborn beta 32.30 Star Fox Zero discussion 41.40 Ninjatown was amazing 43.15 New releases 52.00 Gun maker creates real NES Zapper 54.40 Game developer denounces game developers for complaints 57.40 Amazing New 3DS only coming to Japan 1.00.30 Outro/Plugs

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