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Episode 83 - Because, Tesla
May 07, 2016 Error Machine

Getting in fights, backyard wrestling stories, workplace champions, our top 5 Wii U games, and all that jazz on this episode of the podcast. 0.30 Luke could probably take the Undertaker 3.00 Teenage brawls 4.00 Haircut woes 8.00 Workplace success! 13.30 Sneaking Dustin on planes 16.30 Witcher 3 is still good 17.30 Dustin and Luke both played Fire Emblem Fates 28.00 Luke also played Curses and Chaos 30.30 New releases 39.30 New Call of Duty surprises no one 40.20 Battlefield 1 is the worst name ever 44.00 Top 5 favorite Wii U games 1.11.45 Outro/Plugs Find Error Machine on basically all social media! @TheDustinThomas @FakeChrisCramer @BygJuce We're also on Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Google Play. Don't forget to rate/comment/subscribe

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