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Episode 84 - The Wii Kills
May 17, 2016 Error Machine

Two man show this week as Dustin and Chris discuss topics like the Uncharted 4 petition, the Nintendo NX not being a replacement for the Wii U, and Dustin's new diet. 0.45 Chris' wife is drugged up 2.10 Dustin's new diet 6.30 Heather visits the podcast 7.00 Glorious peanut butter 8.30 Chris played Murdered Soul Suspect 10.40 Chris also played Batman Arkham Knight 14.45 Dustin's Witcher 3 update 19.15 New releases 29.00 Troy Baker lobbies to get negative Uncharted 4 review removed 32.30 "The NX is not a Wii U replacement." 36.00 Worst console names ever? 39.50 Wii shovelware 42.00 Outro/Plugs Like us at Search Error Machine on Youtube Like/rate/comment/subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Radio

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