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Episode 87 - Poopymon GO
July 12, 2016 Error Machine

Can't write an intro, there's a Charizard nearby... 0.00 Intro 2.30 Pokemon GO has taken over the world 9.00 Teen finds dead body while playing Pokemon GO 11.00 Pokemon GO is making Nintendo some dough 15.30 Donkey Kong turned 35 17.00 Our favorite Donkey Kong games 29.20 Luke played Earth Defense Force 2 33.00 Luke also played DMC 37.15 Dustin bores people with MLB 16 The Show 38.10 Valkyria Chronicles Remastered 44.00 New Releases 44.00 Carmageddon Max Damage and the car combat genre 46.55 New Ghostbusters game and the best Christmas ever 50.00 Resident Evil 5 Remastered 51.30 Dustin was not paid to promote Song of the Deep 53.30 What type of game would we create? 56.00 Baseball Simulator 1.000 and Culture Brain 58.55 7th Dragon on 3DS 1.01.50 Luke saw Weird Al in concert 1.07.00 Outro/Plugs Hit us up on social media @Error_Machine @TheDustinThomas @BygJuce New videos up on YouTube Like/rate/comment/subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or the Google Music Store

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