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Episode 89 - A Definite Case of Butthurt
August 04, 2016 Error Machine

An unusual amount of movie and TV talk on this episode. We talk about things like Stranger Things, Forest Gump, and the Suicide Squad, but we also get a chance to talk about video games at some point. 1.40 Cranky old men 3.40 Who is Dracula? 5.50 Forest Gump is a great film 8.15 Luke's new volunteer venture 11.55 Stranger Things is awesome 17.45 Sense8 is not awesome 24.15 Dustin played Hyper Light Drifter 25.40 Final Fantasy Brave Exvius 27.00 Hyrule Warriors Legends 29.10 Lackluster PS+ month 31.45 Shadow the Hedgehog's filthy mouth 33.25 Phoenix Wright's first case 35.25 Nintendo Power archive 40.20 There's a Suicide Squad petition because people are stupid 45.00 Outro/Plugs Find us on Twitter @TheDustinThomas @BygJuce Search "Error Machine" on Youtube Like/rate/comment/subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or the Google Music Store

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