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Episode 108 - Little Mac Sanchez
April 05, 2017 Error Machine

This week we have a trio of fun with Dustin, Luke, and Erik as they run down a plethora of topics and go down many rabbit trails. Dustin, edit this to make it sound good. 1.30 Dio Sabbath vs Ozzy Sabbath 5.00 The merits of Limp Bizkit 6.45 EDITING! 9.50 Rick and Morty 14.00 Erik's fancy new Switch 20.00 Ever heard of Breath of the Wild? 25.00 Dustin turned on his VVVVVVita 27.30 Azure Striker Gunvolt 31.10 Earthworm Ballz 3D 35.20 New releases 37.00 Crash Bandicoot's 'tude 39.20 Drawn to Death 41.00 Some Switch ports 42.40 Snake Pass 44.00 Nanomachines, son! 47.45 Breath of the Wild's map 50.30 Destiny 2 announced 54.20 The Yooka-Laylee Rap! 55.45 Little Mac's 30 year title reign 58.45 Wrestling is fake? 59.45 Little Mac Sanchez 1.04.30 Outro/plugs @TheDustinThomas @BygJuce @Snedegascar Like, rate, comment, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and find us on the Google Music Store

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