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Episode 117 - You And Your Friends Are Stupid. Game Over.
August 06, 2017 Error Machine

Lots of fun things going on in the Error Machine camp this week. I (Dustin) celebrated my birthing day, Luke explains why he's not raising a bunch of pansies, and neither one of us were super up on the recent Splatfest for Splatoon 2. Regardless, we get into some other fun topics like Friday the 13th, the Breath of the Wild DLC, Super Mario Odyssey getting an E10+ rating, and more. 1.45 Dustin is old too 8.00 Dustin gives up the caffeine 10.45 Adventures in babysitting 16.00 Witcher 3 is done! 20.20 Friday the 13th 27.15 Breath of the Wild: Trial of the Sword 30.00 More Splatoon 2 41.45 There's a Yo! Noid sequel 45.15 The ALL controller 48.00 Super Mario Odyssey getting an E10+ rating 52.30 Outro/Plugs Twitter @TheDustinThomas @BygJuce We also have a YouTube channel with content being posted regularly, you can find that at You can also find us on Facebook at Also check out where you can find some of my writing. And lastly, don't forget to like, rate, comment, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or the Google Music Store

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