Mikkeller Stories: Beer Geek Breakfast
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Mikkeller Stories
Mikkeller Stories: Beer Geek Breakfast
Sep 01, 2022 Season 1 Episode 1
Millimeter Produktion

The Mikkeller Origin Story

This is the story about a group of friends that shared a great passion for beer, and about how one of them took that passion and turned it into a serious business. 

It is the story about how a pot of coffee ended up in a bucket of beer and brought a school teacher from home brewing in his Copenhagen kitchen to stardom on the international craft beer scene.

Obvious beer to enjoy when listening to this episode: Beer Geek Breakfast.

Host + producer: Danny Pang
Editor + sound design + music: Rune Grassov

Mikkel Bjergsø - Creative Director and Founder of Mikkeller 
Pernille Pang -  Brand Director, Mikkeller, (Former Head of Press), Mikkel's ex-wife
Myles Oelofse - Old friend of Mikkel
Lasse Emil Møller - Old friend of Mikkel
Mike Murphy - Former Brewer at Gourmet Bryggeriet, now Lervig Brewery, Norway

Millimeter Produktion - 2022