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Episode 78 -- Ben Sorensen from EPE

December 17, 2023 @AuManufacturing Season 2 Episode 38
@AuManufacturing Conversations
Episode 78 -- Ben Sorensen from EPE
Show Notes

In the last episode for 2023, we hear from Ben Sorensen, Director of Innovation & Commercialisation at EPE.

He tells us about the importance of collaborating with Australian researchers, EPE's role co-leading the ELO2 consortium hoping to build Australia's very first lunar rover, and more.

Episode guide

0:22 – EPE’s focus: protecting people in hazardous environments, typically defence personnel. Supplying and sustaining hundreds of robots and thousands of sensors for customers.

1:20 – Leading EPE’s innovation company. Work includes commercialising new products with CSIRO.

2:50 – Joining the company via Data61 and the role of R&D in strategy.

5:26 – Collaborations with CSIRO.

7:23 – Moon to Mars Trailblazer Stage 1.

9:40 – The on-earth value of building technology for the moon.

11:14 – Why the space industry is important in general.

12:10 – The Big Dipper and Little Dipper challenges. 

13:28 – Capital – and how we feel about capital – is an issue to address. We also need to be bolder and better able to partner with researchers.

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