Showing Promise

Ranking Blink-182 Albums (Blink is back!)

October 11, 2022 Episode 4
Showing Promise
Ranking Blink-182 Albums (Blink is back!)
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For this episode of Showing Promise, I'm coming at you Han style...Solo! If you are thinking there is no way I could speak out loud to myself in an empty room for two hours, you are gravely mistaken. Because here it is.

To coincide with the recent announcements regarding blink-182 (that hopefully came out today), I thought it would be cool to share some of my thoughts, opinions, and stories about their music, as well as some personal experiences I've had being involved in their world. From back in my youth discovering the band, to working for one of their founding members, blink-182 has remained a significant part of my life for twenty-five years.

Thank you for listening!
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Background with Blink
Cheshire Cat
Dogs Eating Dogs
Mark, Tom, & Travis Show
Dude Ranch
Enema Of The State
Take Off Your Pants And Jacket