Showing Promise

Tales From The Crypt with Crystal Saenz

October 31, 2022 Crystal Saenz Episode 5
Showing Promise
Tales From The Crypt with Crystal Saenz
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Let's gets spooky! Just in time for Halloween, I am joined by my friend, Crystal, for a journey in to some ominous and interesting places. We've got ghost stories, scary movies, haunted locations, and more! This one is great to enjoy while carving pumpkins and mixing potions. So light your candles and get out your Ouija boards, because we are heading to regions beyond.

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Hola Crystal
Apartment Life
When Crystal Met Matt
We Love Horror Movies
Ghost Stories
Haunted Cities / Proctor Valley
Spooky Scotland
Barton Mansion / Ebaum's World
Jeffree Star
The Fame Monster / Mental Health
Get Therapy
Defining Success
Importance Of Hardcore Music
We're Tired, But Keep Talking
How Did I Become Outgoing