Showing Promise

Michael Myers Vs Dracula with John Doe

November 14, 2022 John Doe aka Daryl Puterthare Episode 6
Showing Promise
Michael Myers Vs Dracula with John Doe
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It may be November, but we're still creepin' it real. Even though Halloween has returned to the grave for this year, we just can't help talking horror. My super secret guest, known only as "John Doe" is joining me to talk about some classic horror movies and characters, as well as a few amazing movie ideas of our own. But the fun doesn't end there. We also reminisce on some of our favorite hardcore and metal shows, how we first met, and our history with music. This one is definitely a typical taco shop conversation. Enjoy!

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Intro/Outro music by Stuart Stock-Tucker
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Hello, John Doe
Favorite Horror Movies
Halloween Franchise
Dynamics And Resolution
More Halloween And Horror
Dracula And Vampires
Video Game Movies
Slasher Showdowns
Michael Myers Vs Dracula
Best Hardcore/Metal Shows
Can't We All Just Get Along
Remembering How We Met
More Sick Shows
As I Lay Dying Forever Music Video
Venue Beef
Talkin Trash
The Beatles Or Bust
Getting In To Music
Best Taco Shop In San Diego