Untamed and Embodied with Tertia Riegler

#28: Balance Your Inner Masculine And Feminine Energy

June 06, 2023 Tertia Riegler Episode 28
Untamed and Embodied with Tertia Riegler
#28: Balance Your Inner Masculine And Feminine Energy
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Our inner masculine and feminine energy are powerful energy essences that we all possess regardless of gender. The masculine energy is a go energy. It's all about taking action, setting goals, and being focused and structured. On the other hand, the feminine energy is all about intuition, nurturing, and creativity. It's like going with the flow and being in touch with your emotions. Embracing both energies is the secret sauce to feeling fulfilled and satisfied. It allows you to create healthy, harmonious relationships, and it creates a deeper and more authentic connection to yourself.

In this episode,  I share:

  • Understanding your inner masculine and feminine energies
  • Expression of both healthy and wounded energy
  • Practices to create balance


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Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel. In today's episode, we are going to get into the dynamics between our inner masculine and inner feminine energies. And I want to share this with you so that you are able to cultivate harmony and union between these two energies that are always dancing within us. And this is going to support you to live your life in a more fulfilling way. You're going to feel more empowered, and you are going to be able to show up as the most true and most authentic expression of yourself. So what I'm gonna be sharing with you in this episode comes from my own lived experience and my own explorations into working and balancing my own masculine and feminine energies. And I really hope that you're going to find it helpful. So I want to kick off by just reemphasizing, and I have said this in all of my other videos,
I'm sure that you know this already, but I'm just going to reemphasize again that this has got nothing to do with gender. Masculine and feminine energies are not allocated to any gender. These are energy essences that are present in all of us. If you want a fulfilling life, if you want to have a life where you can be your authentic self and where you can feel free to show up as yourself, in my opinion, we can begin to do that by starting to understanding what are the dynamics of our own internal masculine and feminine energies and begin to start cultivating that harmony and that union. So our healthy masculine expresses itself as a go energy. It's a very, very action-oriented energy. It's an energy that allows us to set goals to take action. It's very disciplined, it's focused, it's structured, it's quite linear, it's forward moving.
So this is of course very helpful for us to get on in the world. But when we are relying on this too much and not taking into account our feminine power, which I will speak to just now, then it makes us out of balance just the same as if we are relying too much on our feminine and we disregard the masculine because we think the masculine is bad or evil. This also creates imbalance. So the masculine in its healthy expression is a really valuable and such an important part of our essence. The feminine in her most healthy and full expression is a flow expression. She's very intuitive, she's cyclical.
She is nurturing, and she's creative. And I always use the example of looking to mother nature when we try to understand what the feminine shows up as, or how the feminine shows up. So you'll see that she's always moving. She's very powerful. If you think of a volcano, you think of a thunderstorm or waves crashing at the beach, but she can also be very soft and slowly unfolding. Think of a little plant, a seedling that begins to grow. The feminine also has her own time and her own pace. So often when we focus from a masculine perspective where there's a lot of forward move movement and a lot of drive, there also can be a sense of urgency to this. The feminine is slow. You can't take that little seedling and pull it out of the ground to make it grow faster because it's going to die.
And so we want to also be able to tap into this aspect of ourselves that can nurture, that can express, that's intuitive. When we bring both of these essences to our work and to our relationships and just to the way that we show up in anything that we do, I believe that this is what makes us feel fulfilled. This is what gives us satisfaction in being alive and being ravished by life and experiencing everything that life has to offer us. Just as we have healthy expressions of these inner masculine and feminine energies, more often than not, we also have their wounded expressions. Now, some people use the term toxic. I prefer to speak of wounded because I believe that it is something that can be healed. And when we bring compassion to that, we can really transform the way that these energies are playing out.
So the wounded masculine really shows up as trying to control everything. It can hold on tightly to everything trying to create a certain outcome. It's almost as if you are taking that drive of taking action and the linear strategy, and you are distorting that. So the wounded masculine may show up as perfectionism. It may show up as overly aggressive. It may show up as trying to win at all costs, completely disregarding any sacrifices that come as a result of this or anyone or anything that might suffer as a result of the win. Alright? And so the wounded feminine, she
shows up as intensely feeling not worthy, intensely feeling shame, intensely feeling guilt. So I see the wounded feminine as suppressed, totally squashed down and then lashing out in her anger, turning into blame, turning into manipulation. So she really also fluctuates between these two poles of completely retracting and completely lashing out. The wounded feminine may show up as always overgiving, sacrificing and then feeling resentful for everything that you're doing and not that you're getting anything back in return. She may also show up as someone who manipulates. So instead of being assertive and calling on your healthy masculine to help you establish boundaries and speak your truth, she may show up as manipulating either through physical sexual manipulation or emotional manipulation to try and get her way. And so I wanna share with you now some ways in which you can begin the, the journey of creating union between your inner masculine and feminine energy.
So I believe, this is my philosophy, that the first step for us to change anything in our external world is to change the internal world first. Your external world is always going to be a reflection, the things that you experience, the way that you interpret your situations, that's a reflection of what's going on internally. And so in order for us to change anything externally, we need to begin to do the change on the inside first, the transformation on the inside first. So for me, the key here is to first develop that self-awareness, have a clear knowing and an insight as to how are these dynamics, what's their interaction? How do they play out? How do they manifest? How do they show up? I know, for example, in my life, my wounded masculine showed up in extreme perfectionism. So really trying to control everything, making sure that things are done in a certain way. And this is exhausting because the bar always moves. Nothing is ever good enough. My wounded feminine showed up in people pleasing where I was always looking for external validation and always looking for other people to kind of approve of me and make me feel better about myself. And so my journey of creating union and balance had so much to do with embodiment. So I found that the vehicle of embodiment, specifically feminine embodiment, which I'm a coach of, was the vehicle that really allowed me to begin to create this inner union. Often
when we land on these insights as to how things are internally as to what's ticking in our internal world, those insights around our worldview or around the limiting beliefs or around our inner masculine and feminine energies and dynamics between them, those insights themselves can be transformative. And what we also wanna do is to begin to build the muscles of our healthy expressions. The healthy expressions, the full expressions of our feminine and masculine energies. I always find it helpful to think about it like this. As we're building the healthy expressions, as we're building those muscles of our strong masculine that can provide and protect and take direction and lead and hold space for our feminine. And as we build the muscle of our feminine that can soften and become receptive and open herself up to receive and to express as her most fullest, richest self. As we build those muscles, in that the healing also happens.
A practice that I learned from Michaela Boehm, who was a big influence in my own work in doing this inner healing, around our masculine and feminine energies, is to support our masculine, is to go into stillness. So the masculine is still, there's a, a silence, a consciousness, a space holding in the masculine. And to support our feminine is to use movement. So dance to a song every day and really get in touch with what it is that you're feeling, what it is that you're experiencing with your whole inner world, and become skilled in the nuances of this inner language that you have. These are two little small practices that you can do every day to begin to build those muscles of the masculine and the feminine. Cultivating this inner union is so important for our personal growth, for our spiritual growth. It leads to empowerment. It allows you to create really healthy, harmonious relationships, and it creates a deeper and more authentic connection to yourself. So I really hope that you found this brief overview of how these inner masculine and feminine energies are at play in us, I hope that you found this helpful. I'd love to know how this landed for you. So please leave me a comment below. Thank you so much for tuning in, and I'll see you in the next one. Bye.