Untamed and Embodied with Tertia Riegler

#29: 4 Principles of Living From your Feminine

June 13, 2023 Tertia Riegler Episode 29
Untamed and Embodied with Tertia Riegler
#29: 4 Principles of Living From your Feminine
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By incorporating key ingredients into our lives, we can unlock a profound sense of authenticity, fulfillment, and inner strength.

Striking a balance between action, which embodies our masculine energy, and surrender, which connects us to our feminine energy, allows us to tap into our intuitive wisdom and trust that things will unfold as they should.

It is in this delicate dance between action and surrender that we can make aligned choices and move forward in a way that is authentic and in harmony with our inner selves.

In this episode, I share 4 essential ingredients to live a soft life.

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Hey everyone, and welcome back to my channel. In this episode, we're gonna get into the principles of living from your feminine energy, and I wanna offer you four ingredients for living a softer life. If you are brand new to my channel, my name is Tertia Riegler. I'm a feminine embodiment coach, and I support women to connect to their authentic selves and to their divine feminine essence. There are many videos on my channel that are all about supporting you to step into the fullness of your feminine expression, to create harmony between your masculine and your feminine energies, and to live in a more embodied way where you live from your own intuitive wisdom and the truth of your authentic being. So with said, let's get into the four ingredients and the first ingredient is to do less and achieve more. And this may sound counterintuitive, especially in a world where we always get pushed to do more, so that we can have more, so that we can show up more so that we can be more. But the truth is we need that space so that we can end up holding more. And we can only do that by doing less. So it's so important for us to find that balance between being in action, which is using our masculine energy and being in surrender and in flow, and connected to our intuitive wisdom, which is the feminine energy. So being in trust that things will unfold as they should, and taking aligned action towards that. So by doing less, by hustling less, by really practicing the art of slowing down, we can create more space and begin to focus on doing those things that are important instead of getting chased by doing what is urgent. So here's a practical tip for you. The next time that you are facing your to-do list and it's overwhelming and there are so many things on there, really begin to get into the habit of asking what is most important now? What is the most important thing that I can take action on now that's gonna move me forward towards my goals? And that's going to support my wellbeing? The second ingredient for a soft life is to embrace our inner wisdom and intuition. So this is, again, the domain of the feminine, that intuitive wisdom that we have access to. Instead of always focusing on the external world to give us advice and to tell us how we should be, or how we should show up, or how we should dress, or how we should act in order to be acceptable and loved, we can really begin to tap into our own intuition. We can use our own inner wisdom to begin to guide our decisions. This is the secret of living from your feminine where you trust your own guidance. You do know what is best for you, you don't need other people to decide for you. Sure, when you're a child, you need your parents to make decisions for you. But there comes a point when we step into our mature feminine, when we step into the space of our own sovereignty, that we begin to make these decisions for ourselves. And so cultivating the ability in yourself to follow your body's intuitive guidance, to follow the signals of your body is so helpful for you to really start connecting with your, what I call your hard Yes and your hard No. And so here's a practical example. The next time when you are facing a decision that you need to make and you're unsure about what you need to do, instead of first turning to people out there, your friends and your family and your colleagues to tell you what they think you should do, instead, drop into your own body, become quiet, and do a self-reflection, drop into your own body and feel what is the truth, what guidance comes from within. And often, this is another helpful tip, often it's important for us to be able to learn how to distinguish between the voice of fear and the voice of intuition. So the voice of fear is usually tight and constricted and stiff, and the voice of our intuition is open and expansive. So it might be helpful for you as you begin to explore these voices of fear and intuition, is to see how they feel in your body. The third ingredient for a soft life is to see the gift in your feelings. Our feelings, our emotions, our sense of something can be so helpful and valuable to guide us as we move through the world. And so it's so helpful for us to really begin to cultivate that relationship with our feelings. And here I wanna speak specifically with the way that our feelings fluctuate as women through the month, because this is linked to our hormonal cycle as we bleed, as we menstruate. And what you'll find when you begin to track your cycle, you might notice that there are certain times in the month where your feelings are quite light and upbeat. And there are other times in the month where your feelings are more darker, maybe even sad, slower, and they've got a different energy and essence to them. And so when you work with your cycle in this way, you'll begin to notice the times where you are upbeat, and you'll know that this simply linked to your cycle, but you'll also have a lot more compassion for yourself when you go into the darker emotions as you descend into the menstruation. In my experience, the way that it works for me is I tend to go quite dark when I descend into my moon time or in my menstruation. My inner critic is quite active in the time just before my bleed starts. And through tracking my cycle and through really beginning to understand that it's not me and there's nothing wrong with me, I've been able to find so much compassion for myself. And this has really supported me to navigate the cycle of my feelings as I go through the month. So no longer do I feel a victim of what's happening to my body, but I'm an active participant and I really make sure that I support and nourish myself through those times where my emotions and my feelings aren't so light and upbeat.
So here's a practical example for you that you can use in your own life. The next time that you notice that you are feeling quite overwhelmed or sad during a particular phase in your cycle or a particular time in the month, instead of pushing that away or making yourself wrong or judging yourself, rather ask, how can you support yourself? How can I support myself and love myself and hold myself in this space where I'm feeling sad and overwhelmed? And then the final ingredient that I wanna share with you for living a soft life is to cultivate receptivity and flow. So this is such a juicy one. As a woman, we are built to receive. Receptivity and flow are our gifts, it's our nature. And so by softening yourself on the inside, literally making yourself softer, imagining that your energy softens towards yourself, imagining that you are opening up energetically, emotionally, and tending to your vulnerability and to your tender, tender heart,
this is how we can begin to cultivate our receptivity and our flow. And of course, such a big part of this receptivity and flow is to carry it with compassion, to offer compassion to ourselves, that's part of that softening that I spoke of. Our feminine is fierce, also nurturing. And so part of cultivating this inner compassion is to love and nurture our inner child. So here is a practical example again for you that you can use in your own life. The next time that you notice that you are being triggered or that you are in reaction to something, and it's a very extreme reaction in relation to whatever event it is that just happened. Instead of judging or shaming yourself, rather ask what does your inner child need? How can you love on yourself? How can you show yourself grace and compassion in this moment? How can you nurture and hold and honour your inner girl so that she can feel safe and valued and seen? So these are four ingredients that are going to be so helpful to support you to live your life from your feminine energy. I'd love to know how these landed with you. Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite. Thank you so much for tuning in, and I'll see you in the next one.