The Quality Horizon Podcast

Welcome to the IAQG!

August 02, 2022 IAQG Season 2 Episode 3
The Quality Horizon Podcast
Welcome to the IAQG!
Show Notes

The IAQG is proud to release the very first episode of The Quality Horizon. This podcast was developed exclusively for professionals in the aerospace and defense industry with a specific focus on bringing relevant, up-to-date information and educational data to IAQG members.

To kick off this first podcast we sat down with Andy Maher, quality director for BAE Systems Air Sector and current president of the IAQG.

This episode is all about defining what the IAQG does, who its members are, and what the future looks like for this organization.

The IAQG stands for International Aerospace Quality Group. This global organization’s members are made up of three sectors, divisible geographically (the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific). Within these sectors, there are almost 100 large and small organizations that represent both space and defense industries.

In Maher's words the IAQG, “Brings together the industry to be able to harmonize the requirements and therefore we can make sure we’re delivering value and delivering that value efficiently and effectively but making sure that we meet the quality.” 

Maher goes on to talk more about harmonizing and what that means for its members. The IAQG harmonizes the requirements of all individual member companies to publish a single standard. From that single standard or standards, the industry can agree on a mechanism and method that we can assess the supply chain against and assess that quality management system. That creates value because there is a common set of standards, we’re all using.

Listeners will gain a further understanding of the current membership and answer the question of why an individual or company should join the IAQG. There are also initiatives in place to educate younger professionals on the benefits of membership.  

Maher has been involved with the IAQG for eight years. We asked him, why someone should get involved in the IAQG? Maher commented that it’s twofold, as a member company participant you have influence and a voice around standards which helps change networks across the aviation defense and space arena. 

The IAQG is a volunteer organization on the cusp of great things. We wanted to know more about what’s on the horizon for the organization. Maher shared with us that there are new improvements taking place that will enable the IAQG to be more agile. With an enhanced digital thread, the organization will become more predictive and bring products to market faster.

Maher also shared insights into a new product that is ready to be launched that will put the IAQG at the forefront of the aerospace and defense industry.

Tune in to hear about the new and exciting things happening with the IAQG. Or go to to learn more about the organization. 

IAQG sets the standard for quality within the worldwide supply chain within the aviation, space, and defense industry. IAQG currently maintains 26 active standards that establish common/shared tools and methods for quality improvement. To learn more, visit