The Quality Horizon Podcast

A spotlight on the EAQG!

February 28, 2023 IAQG
The Quality Horizon Podcast
A spotlight on the EAQG!
Show Notes

We sat down with the Quality Executive Director for Leonardo, Fortunato “Nino” Giardina, to discuss the EAQG and the role, importance, and value their sector brings to the IAQG.

In this podcast, you will hear more about the origin of the EAQG, and how leadership opened up opportunities within the sector to increase membership, and achieve growth, change, and harmonization.

Giardina also shares his passion for the early careers program and the importance of growth in this area. He professes, “You can’t have quality stay the same when the rest of the world is changing.”

Listen to learn more about what is on the horizon for the EAQG.

More about our guest: 

Fortunato “Nino” Giardina

-       EAQG sector lead 

-       Lead for the IAQG operations council and the EAQG early careers program 

-       Vice-chair for the IAQG standards council

The IAQG is the International Aerospace Quality Group and sets the standard for quality within the worldwide supply chain within the aviation, space, and defense industry. IAQG currently maintains 26 active standards that establish common/shared tools and methods for quality improvement. To learn more, visit