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Money Myth Pt Two: Who Said It Was All About The Money, with Cindy Little

January 17, 2023 askcarl@carlspeaks.ca Season 1 Episode 3
Podcast Solutions Made Simple
Money Myth Pt Two: Who Said It Was All About The Money, with Cindy Little
Show Notes

In the last episode Carl Richards shared in detail what the Money Myth is as it relates to podcasting. Today Carl and his guest do a deep dive into how she overcame the Money Myth, and replaced the word MONEY with VALUE!

Cindy in her spare time is a Health Podcaster, Public Speaker, aspiring author, and is an avid reader and learner of self growth. Cindy is a mother and wife of 27 yrs to her sweetheart, retired military husband, Darren. Cindy has lived a life of action from serving in the military in her younger years and has jumped out of military aircraft and served on a UN tour in Croatia for 6 months when she was 24. Fast forward another 24 yrs and you could find her competing on stage at age 48 winning a masters in a figure body building competition. She is also a Harley motorcyclist and has travelled all of Canada and many of the US states, and she is a golfer and pickle-ball enthusiast. Cindy lives by the motto “Prepare-Live Life now."
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