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Competition Myth Pt Two: In Regards To Competition It's All About YOU, with Bernie Franzgrote

January 17, 2023 askcarl@carlspeaks.ca Season 1 Episode 5
Podcast Solutions Made Simple
Competition Myth Pt Two: In Regards To Competition It's All About YOU, with Bernie Franzgrote
Show Notes

In the last episode Carl Richards shared in detail what the Competition Myth is as it relates to podcasting. The competition isn't just about how many shows, it's about seeing yourself as THE go to expert and knowing your value! Today Carl and his guest showcase how he overcame the Competition Myth, and the discovery of where that idea of competition was rooted.

 Bernie Franzgrote is a Synergy Architect…co founder of  Kreativ Insight Consultants, which connects people and ideas to other people. He’s also the host of the Knack 4 Business podcast, cohosted by Goal & Life Coach Wayne Pratt…The podcast is an extension of what they do daily in business…and he’s also the cohost of the Property Wizard Podcast with real estate expert Fred Crouch.  His journey into podcasting started with Fred..and it’s expanded to being a sought after guest, as well as host of his own show…however, that’s not how the journey started.

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