Podcast Solutions Made Simple

Automate Your Podcast Content To Reach A Bigger Audience, with special guest Alex Thoric

May 16, 2023 Carl Richards Season 1 Episode 15
Podcast Solutions Made Simple
Automate Your Podcast Content To Reach A Bigger Audience, with special guest Alex Thoric
Show Notes

So you have a podcast...very cool! You have content you put out consistently...Amazing! You promote that content on all your platforms to reach a bigger audience...Excellent! You promote that content once, and then pray the podcasting gods will take it from there and turn you into a massive star!  Sigh! 

That analogy is pretty much the path of most podcasters: Create content, promote said content through one cycle, and then go and create more new content (and hope someone hears it!). Here's the rub:  Most podcasters don't know how to take their existing content and put it in some sort of repeat process or tool. Today's guest and Carl talk about how some simple automation tools and processes can grow your show, and ultimately grow your reach, brand and business!

Alex Thoric is the founder of  a marketing agency Thor Marketing and Co-Founder of a marketing agency called Thor Marketing, and Co-Founder of  Building Income on Demand.  A digital marketer that had a great experience working with different industries such as spa, gyms, coaches, consultants, real estate, and restaurants and helping them grow their customer list. He's a big sport fan. Holder of a 2nd Dan black belt in Taekwondo, practicing it for the last 14 years and even had his own school. His goal is to help local businesses create marketing systems and automations as well as help create content to make business owners life easier and more fulfilling than it is right now.

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