Change The Culture
Preventing & Speaking Out Against Sexual & Gender Based Violence in The Gambia
Episode Artwork Preventing & Speaking Out Against Sexual & Gender Based Violence in The Gambia 37:59 Episode Artwork Helping Empowerment Self Defense Scale Up in Business with Tom Rose, Executive Director of Impact Personal Safety 36:33 Episode Artwork Teaching ESD to Individuals with Disabilities featuring Sheila Watson, Association of ESD Professionals 39:43 Episode Artwork Teaching our Children How to Stand Up to Violence with Lisa Gaeta, CEO of Impact Personal Safety (California) 37:13 Episode Artwork How to Live Your Yes with Guest: Toby Israel, Founder of Mujeres Fuertes Costa Rica 41:51 Episode Artwork Setting Boundaries with Ourselves & Others ft Antonella Spatola, ESD Australia 39:31 Episode Artwork Violence Prevention in Africa ft. Yudit Sidikman and Adanma Nwokoma ESDP 51:12 Episode Artwork From the Blocs of Serbia to the Books: Empowerment Through Writing ft. Dr. Jelena Nolan Roll 34:41 Episode Artwork The Power of Words: Sharing Empowerment Self Defense with the World ft. Sarah McArthur, CEO of Power of XYZ 31:44 Episode Artwork Personal Safety & Empowerment ft. Nicole Snell, Director of Girls Fight Back California 39:37 Episode Artwork Creating Change on a Global Scale with ESD Global ft. Human Rights Activist, Gentiana Susaj (Albania to Romania) 26:01 Episode Artwork How the 5 Principles Make an Impact Around the World ft. Sarah Gordon Lavine, El Halev & ESD Global Instructor (Israel) 38:53 Episode Artwork A Personal Journey to Empowerment Self Defense ft. Tasha Ina Church, Certified Instructor in Maui 41:19 Episode Artwork Changing a Culture of Violence in Belize, ft. ESD Instructor Renee Wentz & Founder of SHE Thing Personal Self Defense and Safety 37:23 Episode Artwork How to Prevent Violence in the Workplace with PAVE Prevention ft. Tae Kwon Do Gold Medalist, Arlene Limas (USA) 32:56 Episode Artwork Founding ESD ft. Wendi Dragonfire, Teacher, Trainer, Consultant and Writer on Martial Arts, Self Defense, & Empowerment. (Netherlands) 38:41 Episode Artwork Getting Your ESDP with the Association of ESD Professionals ft. CEO Samantha Waterman 27:22 Episode Artwork How Empowerment Self Defense Can Save Lives ft. Yehudit Sidikman, CEO of MyPwr LTD & Founder of El Halev 35:31