Getting into the property market is easier today than 30+ years ago
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Getting into the property market is easier today than 30+ years ago
Feb 01, 2023 Episode 242
Stuart Wemyss

It is often suggested that it’s a lot more difficult for people to buy their first property compared to many decades ago. It is true that property is a lot more expensive. However, I would like to suggest that in many respects, buying a property today is easier than it was many decades ago. 

I would like to start by highlighting the main advantages that property buyers enjoy today compared to many decades ago. I’ll address the affordability issues once I’ve done that. 

Abundant access to information, knowledge, strategies, advice and so forth

How do you get ahead financially? One solution is to get the best advice so that you make the most of your financial opportunities. Often people learn by trial and error, but that can be expensive and waste valuable time. You can fast track your financial success by learning the best way to use your money. 

There is an absolute abundance of information that is available on the internet. Most of it is accessible instantaneously at no cost. Blogs, forums, podcasts, books, websites, software and so on. It cannot be underestimated how valuable that is. 

I purchased my first property 25 years ago and no such information was available (the internet didn’t even exist… now I’m showing my age). There were a few books about property investing, but not many. The only way to learn about borrowing strategies was by meeting bank staff, but they weren’t particularly knowledgeable or helpful. Therefore, unless you knew a successful property investor, it was hard to access knowledge. 

Today, I can find out how best to save a deposit for a property and strategies to mitigate a low deposit. I can find out how to manufacture equity via renovations. I can learn what makes a property investment-grade. I can research specific properties and find out what they have sold for in the past i.e., historic growth rates. I can learn about borrowing strategies, how to increase borrowing capacity and a mortgage broker can compare 30+ lenders in seconds. 

As the saying goes, “knowledge is power”. 

Much higher borrowing capacity

Thirty to forty years ago, borrowing 3 times your gross income was seen as very high risk. Today, the banking regulator (APRA) classifies a high-risk borrower as anyone that borrows more than 6 times their gross income. That is, I have come across some investors that have borrowed 10+ times their income, although I would caution anyone against borrowing that much. Over-borrowing is very risky. Mortgages are a wonderful se


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