Forecasting property investing returns: 2023-2033. What can we expect?
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Forecasting property investing returns: 2023-2033. What can we expect?
Nov 08, 2023 Episode 282
Stuart Wemyss

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What if you could double your real estate investment in a decade? Join our host, Stuart Wemyss, as he ventures into the rich field of residential real estate returns, dissecting the figures to expose a fascinating average decade-long return of 9.7%. He pulls apart this promising percentage, exploring its components of 7.3% capital growth and 2.4% net rental yield. Yet what lies behind the volatility of these returns? Wemyss will take you through the highs and lows of the past four decades, bringing the figures to life with his insightful analysis.

But that's not all. We're also delving into the complexities of the Australian rental crisis and the impact it's having on private landlords. Why are they exiting the market? How is above-average rental growth influencing capital growth? And what actions can the government take to encourage more private investors? We're going to analyse these critical issues in detail. Lastly, we turn to the future, projecting the potential wealth impact in 10 years. This episode is packed with in-depth analysis and insights that could potentially have a significant impact on your investment strategy. Prepare to see your real estate investments in a new light.


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