Ep 295: Should you sell an underperforming apartment? Part 2
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Ep 295: Should you sell an underperforming apartment? Part 2
Mar 13, 2024 Episode 295
Stuart Wemyss

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In Part 1, the podcast scrutinised the performance of apartment markets in major Australian cities over the past decade, uncovering reasons behind their underperformance and prospects for a new growth cycle. 

In this podcast episode, Stuart Wemyss provides a deep dive into the critical decision of whether to sell underperforming apartments in Australia's real estate market. Wemyss meticulously analyses the performance of apartment markets in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane over the past decade, shedding light on factors influencing their growth potential.

Listeners gain valuable insights into the contrasting dynamics of apartment markets across major Australian cities, from rising values in Brisbane to affordability indicators in Sydney and potential challenges in Melbourne due to market dynamics and tax implications.

Wemyss presents a practical 4-question framework to guide listeners through the decision-making process, from assessing apartment quality to exploring reinvestment options and considering block selling opportunities. He emphasises the importance of tailored advice and engaging professionals like buyers' agents, mortgage brokers, accountants, and financial advisors to make informed decisions aligned with individual financial goals.

Tune in to this episode for expert guidance on navigating the complexities of the apartment market and optimising investment strategies for maximum returns in an evolving real estate landscape.

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