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2. International Teacher Finances: An Interview with Millionaire Teacher Andrew Hallam

December 11, 2022 Audrey and David Season 1
Educators Going Global
2. International Teacher Finances: An Interview with Millionaire Teacher Andrew Hallam
Show Notes

Author and financial journalist Andrew Hallam joined us from Menton, France for this episode. 

Andrew Hallam is an international bestselling author and one of the world’s most prolific financial wellness speakers. He has given hundreds of talks in over 30 different countries on financial wellness, sound investing, and life satisfaction. He had built a million-dollar portfolio on a schoolteacher's salary by the time he was in his late 30s. 

 As a financial journalist, Andrew has written for numerous international publications, too many to name. He has been interviewed on the radio, multiple podcasts, and TV.

 Andrew and his wife are adventurous travelers. They cycled around Europe and Asia on their tandem bike and explored Mexico and Central America in their camper van. Andrew says: “Intelligent investing allows people to buy the only non-renewable resource they’ll ever have: time.”

Andrew is the internationally bestselling author of Millionaire Teacher and Millionaire Expat.  His latest book isBalance: How To Invest and Spend for Happiness, Health, and Wealth. 

 The guiding question for the episode was “How can international educators best set themselves up for financial success?” 

We covered a wide range of topics including advice for those new to international teaching, school retirement benefits, currencies in salaries, investing for non-American expatriates, countries welcoming retiring expatriates, and highlights of Andrew’s books.

 This episode was recorded on September 27, 2022.

 Andrew’s Contact Information: Andrew Hallam | Facebook Millionaire Teacher and Expats & International School Educators - Financial Advice  


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Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

 Cost of Living Around the World at Numbeo

Investing Services for Expatriates Plan Vision by Mark Zoril

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