Brian Sims: Service, Redemption and Project Rebirth
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Brian Sims: Service, Redemption and Project Rebirth
Mar 26, 2024 Season 1 Episode 104
The Phoenix Sober Active Community

#104: Brian Sims (he/him) CRPS-V, VSR, CEI is a person in long term recovery from Substance Misuse, MST, and Co-Occurring Disorders acquired while serving his country during the campaigns and operations in support of the Global War on Terrorism as a US Army Infantryman. He is also a suicide attempt (2015) and street-level homelessness survivor.

Brian is the Founder & National Director of Project Rebirth, a warrior recovery community organization dedicated to serving veterans, emergency responders, and families and loved ones. Check out the episode to hear Brian's story, including:

  • How civilians and non-veteran focused organizations can work with the warrior recovery community because we all share grief and pain.
  • The spirit of service and Brian's unstoppable drive to show up and use his knowledge and experiences to help others.
  • The concept of redemption, particularly in service, and the message we send to others.
  • How Marvel influenced the name of Project Rebirth, and how just like in the comics, the world is neither 100% good nor 100% bad.

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