The Phoenix Moab Retreat: Overcoming Challenges and Building Community
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The Phoenix Moab Retreat: Overcoming Challenges and Building Community
Mar 19, 2024 Season 1 Episode 103
The Phoenix Sober Active Community

#103: This week Liz and Bryce are joined by Joie Gyondla (she/her), Beth Collinson (she/her) and Mike Ward to discuss the Moab retreat, a four day Phoenix-led camping trip in Moab, Utah. Check out the conversation to learn not only about the trip, but also about getting outside your comfort zone. Whether it is hiking the Moab arches, carpooling with strangers, or moving from Florida to New York -- let this episode be your encouragement to consider trying a new adventure.

We discuss this and more: 

  • From hiking to gratitude circles, feelings of trust and camaraderie prevailed throughout the whole trip.
  • How there were a lot of 'firsts' for folks in Moab, and the beautiful thing about sober people is that they already know how to create safe environments and hold space for each other.
  • The magic of watching folks overcome challenges and accomplish things they did not think they were capable of.
  • Throwing yourself into things you did not think you could do before recovery and the bravery that takes.

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