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How To Run A Giveaway For Your Etsy Shop Or Handmade Business

July 07, 2022 Jacqueline Fatica
Marketing and Heart Podcast
How To Run A Giveaway For Your Etsy Shop Or Handmade Business
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If you're looking for one of the best ways to grow your Etsy email list & promote your handmade shop, running these types of giveaways yield the best return on your time and effort.




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Welcome to the Marketing and Heart podcast. A show for handmade sellers like yourself. That's filled with tips and tricks to help you build a solid foundation for your business. I believe if you made it by hand that you should market it with heart. Now let's get on with the show.

Well, Hey there and welcome back. I hope you're excited because this week's podcast is all about how to run a giveaway for your Etsy shop or handmade business. If you're looking for ways to give back to your customers, boost, engagement and sales for your handmade crafts business and grow your email list. And then I give away is the perfect solution. Keep listening because I'll be giving you some great small business giveaway ideas that are perfect to try out. I'll also provide tips on how to promote your giveaway and increase participation. So now let's talk about giveaway ideas for businesses one a gift card or a discount code for 100% off the item of their choosing. I tend to use this one the most, as it's more exciting for the winner. It's also one of the simplest to set up. If you're a handmade to order type shop like me. Two. One of a kind piece you made just for the giveaway. Not only is it ultra rare, but if you make it just for the giveaway and it's very target market specific, you have the potential to get hundreds of new email subscribers onto your list. Three. A gift basket filled with a bunch of different things, including your products. Just make sure all the items are relevant, but you can never go wrong with candy. Four. Collaborate with other handmade sellers in your niche for the ultimate basket prize. This will take quite a bit of effort to put together, but will benefit all the shops who participate. Please do know that you must be very clear that when a giveaway participant enters this giveaway, that they will be added to the email list of each and every shop owner. Make sure. This is also stated in your GDPR compliance. Notice this type of giveaway will result in the most reward for your effort. Next when promoting your giveaway, always check the rules of the social media platform. You're promoting it on. Go ahead and check the show notes. If you'd like some links to the rules. Now that we have the legal part covered. Let's go over some basic giveaway tips. Choose a prize that is relevant to your business or target audience, meaning if your target audience is yoga moms, make sure your giveaway prize is something that they'll actually want. Also make sure that the entry requirements are easy to follow and simple to do. The easier it is. The more likely people will be to enter if it's confusing or you make your people jump through hoops, you might lose their interest. Use a giveaway tool like king Sumo, which is what I use gleam or raffle copter to make selecting a winner, easy and fair. You can get away with hosting and tracking the giveaway all on your own, especially if you're new and don't have the budget for these apps, which are kind of expensive. The cheapest one though is king Sumo, and you can get a lifetime plan. So you aren't stuck with a monthly fee. If you want to do it all on your own, I have a very simple strategy to do it all using just an email list. What you'll want to do is make a brand new list with your email service provider. The one that I use is Klayvio. Go ahead and get this new list set up, but also make a landing page to go with the list. And on that landing page, you'll give a brief description about your giveaway. Make sure you add your GDPR compliance statement and get consent. You'll also want to make sure you add legal statements and rules for your giveaway. You'll need to verify the rules for each state. Do not skip this part. Some states have some very wacky laws. As a side note king Sumo handles all this legal stuff for you just saying. Then just go about promoting your giveaway and direct them to this landing page. Now, here are a few ways you can promote your giveaway, share on social media. If you're using Instagram and or Facebook, I'd recommend doing profile posts, reels and stories, at least twice while the giveaway is running. More is better though. You may consider boosting those posts to expand your reach. This is one of the few times I recommend paying to boost a post, but you only need to do it for just one. Run an ad on Facebook and Instagram. If your audience targeting is on point a good daily budget is about three to $5. And don't forget this giveaway. Isn't about getting the most number of new subscribers. It's about reaching the most number of people in your target audience. You do not want random, irrelevant people joining. Once the giveaway is over. Choose a winner. You can then send a single email to the winner, letting them know that they won and how to claim their gift. You'll also want to send another email to the entire list, letting them know that they didn't win, but offering them a discount code or a quick flash sale is a great thing to do as a nice gesture for participating. You can even have all of this setup as an automated funnel inside of your email service provider. If you're interested in learning more about setting up automations like this, don't be shy. Check out my membership where you'll get full access to my email marketing course. The link is in the show notes. So the giveaway is over now. What. Hopefully you'll have grown your email list with a bunch of new subscribers. So you need to make sure that you're nurturing them. The worst thing you could do after running a giveaway is to let your people get cold. What do I mean by this? Well, if you don't email them regularly and by this, I mean, at least once per week, Maybe twice a month is okay as well. If you don't do at least that these people will completely forget who you are. And if they have forgotten, you they'll have forgotten that they even opted into your list to begin with. You do not want this to happen because not only will the likelihood of them unsubscribing go up. But so do the chances of them marking your email as spam. And we do not want that. So you might think, but if I email too much, they'll unsubscribe anyways. If they unsubscribe, it's actually a great thing. It means that they are weeding themselves out of your community. But here's the better part when you regularly nurture all these new people on your list, most of them will stay. Don't ever base your email marketing strategy on the few people who unsubscribe. What you should be paying attention to are all the people who stay on your list. Those are your people make them feel special, spoil the crap out of them and show them how awesome you are. I hope you enjoy learning about how to run a giveaway that is most beneficial to you and your people. I truly hope you get one going for your business and reap the many rewards that will become of it. See you next week.


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