Entrepreneurship on the RISE

Brian Deurloo on Secrets to a Successful Startup

January 26, 2023 RISE Collaborative Season 2 Episode 2
Entrepreneurship on the RISE
Brian Deurloo on Secrets to a Successful Startup
Show Notes

When it comes to your startup, if you don’t have the passion behind what you’re selling, you’re not going to make it as far as you think. This week, season 2 episode 2 of Entrepreneurship on the RISE Podcast is about secrets to a successful startup! 

RISE Collaborative is striving to create a more inclusive and vibrant regional economy in which makers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and service providers interact organically and collaboratively. Our mission is to enhance equity and access to entrepreneurship and innovation for people who have been underserved based on geographic location (anyone who lives, works, or owns a business in Southern Virginia), and for people who have been underrepresented based on race, gender, religion, or other factors. We are doing this by creating regionally-relevant incubator services and accelerator programs that can be accessed at many locations across our service area.

In this episode of Entrepreneurship on the RISE Podcast, Jacob and Lauren, joined by their guest Brian Deurloo are sharing how Brian was able to take his passion for the environment and turn it into a product that makes a difference and how you can have success in your startup too. 

Some of the talking points we go over in this episode include:

  • The cycle of environmental effects that start with polution entering into our drainage system. 
  • How Brian’s 3 AM idea led him to win a startup competition that initially funded his product, allowed him to make necessary updates to his prototype and get it on the market. 
  • How we can encourage the younger generations to take action on the problems they are pinpointing. 
  • The role gBETA played in the success of his startup ans how makerspaces can take the startup game to a new level. 
  • The future for startups in Wyoming and other regions alike. 

Think big, start small, and take action. 

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