Easy Scaling with Jordan Schanda King

Pop-up | How TF to grow your audience this year with Kendall Cherry

January 31, 2023 Jordan Schanda King / Kendall Cherry
Pop-up | How TF to grow your audience this year with Kendall Cherry
Easy Scaling with Jordan Schanda King
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Easy Scaling with Jordan Schanda King
Pop-up | How TF to grow your audience this year with Kendall Cherry
Jan 31, 2023
Jordan Schanda King / Kendall Cherry

Tune in for my first-ever pop-up podcast episode!

We're going deep on all things funnels and audience growth.

Joining me (back for the second time) is Kendall Cherry, the founder and creative director of The Candid Collective. Kendall has been the genius behind my all of my email and social content for the past four months. 

In this episode, we're talking about:

  • How we broke up with each other (and then became BFFs & biz partners)
  • The biggest trend we’re seeing in the online space with 2023 goals
  • Why raving fans > lots of random followers
  • How I hacked my lead gen + funnel strategy so my ads pay for themselves
  • How 1 freebie funnel landed me over 6,000 email subscribers
  • Guest speaking on podcasts this year? Steal Kendall’s exact freebie strategy
  • Why I love freebie bundles for growing your list AND making money
  • How to work with us in our new collab offer, Easy AF Funnels

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Show Notes Transcript

Tune in for my first-ever pop-up podcast episode!

We're going deep on all things funnels and audience growth.

Joining me (back for the second time) is Kendall Cherry, the founder and creative director of The Candid Collective. Kendall has been the genius behind my all of my email and social content for the past four months. 

In this episode, we're talking about:

  • How we broke up with each other (and then became BFFs & biz partners)
  • The biggest trend we’re seeing in the online space with 2023 goals
  • Why raving fans > lots of random followers
  • How I hacked my lead gen + funnel strategy so my ads pay for themselves
  • How 1 freebie funnel landed me over 6,000 email subscribers
  • Guest speaking on podcasts this year? Steal Kendall’s exact freebie strategy
  • Why I love freebie bundles for growing your list AND making money
  • How to work with us in our new collab offer, Easy AF Funnels

Apply by February 10th for us to build your Easy AF Funnel.

#Pop Up Episode with Jordan & Kendall

Jordan: Welcome. Welcome everyone, and welcome back Kendall 

Kendall: to the podcast. Hello. I am so excited to be here again. Round two. 

Jordan: Let's go. Yes, round two. And our first ever popup podcast episode, which I have to give you credit for, this was totally your idea. Yeah. 

Kendall: This was, as all things are these days, birthed over another late night boxer session with Jordan.

Oh yeah. Which is what we unfortunately. Not unfortunately, it's actually very fortunate, but sometimes I'm like, God, I just blew another three hours. 

Jordan: voxing Like, no, for real, I need 

Kendall: to go to bed for real. Like I'll be like, oh, I'm, maybe I'll take a bath. Okay. Also, spoiler alert, my apartment doesn't have the hottest water, so I'll be boiling water on my stove top and I'll be like, I'll just keep voxering Jordan.

Then all of a sudden I'm in the bathtub and I'm voxering Jordan, and then I'm like laying in bed and I'm voxering jordan, 

Jordan: this is taking a weird turn. Everyone, not , totally painting the wrong picture there. 

Kendall: Yeah, like some sexy ass saxophone. 

Jordan: I'm gonna but this, yeah, we're gonna like cut all of that out. No, I'm just kidding.

no, this, this evolved because for those of you who don't. Which maybe some of you listening, Kendall has been writing my content for mm-hmm. , four or five months? Four months? Six months? Four. Four. Four. I think it's four. Four. Four. Only four. Okay. Four months can always been, no, our first month was October.

Jordan: Okay. And I get a lot of compliments on my content, which I can never take credit for. And I always tell people like, great, I'll, I'll tell Kendall that you that you liked it. I'm glad. and so what we wanted to do is a couple of things. we wanted to give you some updates on, like for the sake of transparency on how some things have evolved behind the scenes for both of us over the last four months as, as we've been working together.

We also want to talk about generally growing your audience, because this is a theme that I've been seeing across literally every one of my clients and myself and Kendall and like everyone that I know in the online space. I feel like there's this really big emphasis on audience growth in 2023. And I think it's partly because.

Everyone has big goals and we're gonna talk a little bit about that. We're gonna talk about the variety and the goals that we're seeing, but they're all big. And so we wanna talk about growing your audience and then we also wanna talk about this really cool new collaborative offer that is a pop-up offer, which is why we're doing this pop-up podcast.

But I think Kendall, you had like a story or something that you wanted to start with. ? 

Kendall: No, sorry. Remember 

Jordan: it? Oh God. What was it? Okay, hold on. No, I think about it. Let's 

Kendall: think about it. Oh, it wasn't really a story. It's just I feel like in all things, like I went from like my relationship with you being, I mean, I think at first, the first time we ever met was actually like you wanted to hire me as like a team 

Jordan: part of the team.

Team member team, 

Kendall: yeah. Yeah. And then we were like, yeah, that's not the right move. Then I moved over and I was writing your content. and we'll get into more of like what was going on with you behind the scenes with me, behind the scenes and why we decided that was actually like, not good for e both of us really, which was such a powerful moment.

then we moved on to being what I, for me at least, I don't know about you, but for me, like actual friends and then now we're like Coco collaborating on an offer and that whole piece, like even the process of creating the offer, like literally over voxer like this was, we have never met on the phone about this offer.

Kendall: It's literally been created over voxer but the thing I've always appreciated about you and working with you is like, and this has even happened today before recording this podcast. Like you and I, for whatever reason, we are like always 

Jordan: super 

Kendall: in step and on the same page, even if we haven't talked about the thing.

It's very strange, like, yeah, and I like it is part collaboration, but I've, I've probably never worked with somebody where I'm like, whoa. , like a perfect example. Like, I didn't mean to get into this now, but like when I was, I was kind of deciding to close my agency previously, which is who was helping me write a lot of Jordan's content.

I had decided to close the agency and we'd had this call and you ha, I remember you telling me over your voxer you were like, yeah, or I think it was Slack at the time, but you were talking to your husband. You're like, I wish Kendall could just write my newsletter. And literally like an like hours before I was having the same thought, I was like, why can't I just write Jordan's newsletter?

And even so I like, remember it was late at night, it was like nine 30. I just come home from my parents' house and I was like, oh my God, I'm going to, I, I have to tell Jordan like, this doesn't feel right for me. Like, I'm closing the agency. I don't wanna do this type of work. I don't wanna write social media content anymore.

I was like, holy shit, I guess we're gonna send this voice memo. And it was weird. I was expecting you to be like, what the heck? Or whatever. And you were like, dude, I was literally thinking the same thing. I 

Jordan: was like, Who? Yeah, it was, it was, it's total relief. I mean, not to get like super weird in the woowoo about it, but it was weird.

You messaged, youd me, right when I was messaging my, or talking to my husband, like I was talking to him about it. And I didn't know you had apparently already had the thought. I was talking to him and then my phone buzzed and I went over, oh my gosh, speak of the devil. There's Kendall, I wonder what she's got to say.

And you literally said the exact same thing. It was so crazy. Holy shit. And yeah, it was very bizarre. and we, we have a lot of things like that. I agree. I think, I think what's cool about this is that people listening who are in the online space, I think can resonate with some of this. That, that the relationships are really cool and the way that they evolve, like you, the way that you meet people and you could become like really close to very quickly mm-hmm.

that you've never met in real life, ever. That's true . It's very cool. and things can evolve. Relationships can evolve and. , you can do really cool stuff. And for, for context, like to, to set the scene of when you came on in October, I was looking for someone who was like, gonna fully take over all of my content creation.

Like Yeah. Social email, all of the things. I didn't wanna touch it. I didn't wanna think about it. And that was what was really cool is that we both kind of came to the same conclusion right. At the same time. And we were, I think two months into the con to the three month contract. Yeah. And we were both like, okay, this actually isn't working for either of us.

Yeah. It, it, it for many, many reasons. And the thing that was working was the newsletters. And so I, I just think that's really cool that we can go through this evolution too, of like, me being your client and now. Mm. You know, moving through that and, and moving through it in a way that is very on brand with you.

This very candid and kind, very on-brand for me, because it's like all about the transparency and open, open communication. Mm-hmm. , it was just like, Hey look, this isn't working. Here's why it's not working for me. What can we do? Can we just do this? And we were totally on the same page. I just think that's really cool.

Yeah, I agree. I think 

Kendall: too, like the, like one part of it is the collaboration and another thing that I, I don't know that I've experienced in quite the same way with another client, but for those listening, like last year, 2022, I had gone from being solo ish copywriter. I had like a couple people that maybe helped me every once in a while, but going from that to like scaling really aggressively into an agency model and I, there were parts of it I really enjoyed and then there were parts of it that I did not enjoy at all.

And like, I still to the, to this day, like, I'm so grateful. You were my first client where I was like, okay, we're gonna have a graphic designer and we're gonna actually. design, social media content. We weren't really doing that before. We were just doing writing stuff. And so you were my first client with the whole everything integrated, which for me was like two.

It was, it just ended up being too much. We weren't really ready for it. And I'm just so grateful that like, as weird as the experience was, like one you taught me and were so expansive about like experimentation and being super comfortable with that. Cuz that's sometimes hard for me to do. Like I'm, I'm very experimental, but like, you also wanna have like sustainable offers and things like that, that don't just like, you know, every quarter you've got some new shiny thing.

Like you want something that's a little bit more sustainable. So I was just so grateful first off, to like, have permission to experiment and you, that's kind of how you framed it when we'd had the conversation. But then also, I'm, I'm literally so grateful. Had we not worked together and tried that for a quarter, I literally would be spending this entire year trying to build the, the business that we had kind of kicked off together, like, , like, wow, can we just like, pause for failure is actually like a really, really good thing.

Because now, I mean, I'm close the agency, I have more balance in my life than I've ever had. I'm getting like, dream clients coming to me from like all areas for stuff that I actually wanna do and like, nevermind. Like some of the, some of the stuff over the last week even has been like, what the fuck?

There's even one I haven't even told you about this morning, but, just like where my, the, the rooms where my name is getting thrown out is like, people with blue checks on Instagram. I'm like, what the 

Jordan: fuck? like, so strange. I'm like, oh, 

Kendall: how is this happening? but I think had I not experimented in that way and like had full permission to experiment and fail and say like, this isn't working for me.

Like, I literally, God, I just am like so grateful. I, I would've been building, I, I would've had probably burnout and a breakdown. I would've probably, I just 

Jordan: got it. Not the good kind of breakdown that we like either the bad kind of breakdown that, yeah. 

Kendall: Like not unrecoverable unrecoverable as an entrepreneur.

Like I just, I don't think, I think it would burn, would've burned me forever. I would've just really stopped. So I'm just, yeah. So grateful that I had that experience and now I can move on. I, I, I had that, that moment. Check the box and now we're 

Jordan: back . Well, and what I think is cool about this too is that, for anyone who's listening, who's listened to more than a couple of episodes, a lot of what you're talking about is like fully encompassing in one experience.

A lot of the stuff that I love to talk about on this podcast around like how you're finding clients and around, the, the breakthroughs after the breakdown and having to fire clients, cuz I know you're going through that and the good that comes on the other side of firing a client that's not a good fit and the, the pretty much instant.

sign that you can get by a new dream client coming on like immediately after you. I mean, all of this stuff that, like, I feel like when I talk about it on the podcast, even though like I have all the evidence and I know other people who have the evidence, anyone listening who hasn't experienced some of these things that, that I talk about all of the time, it's like hard to wrap your head around it.

Jordan: And then you have done, like, you've literally checked all of those boxes off around like experimenting and then failing and then moving forward quickly. Like all of these things you've rolled into like a 30 day period, which is crazy. 

Kendall: It's insane. Well, even like, so I'm like actively in the process of like rolling off from a client that I've had since March of last year, 60% or more of my monthly recurring revenue, massive client, 2 million followers on the.

massive email list, like a huge expander for me, but it just wasn't working. And I remember voice memoing, Jordan last week, and it was like something where like, you couldn't get back to my voice memo immediately. Like as I was like, oh my God, I sent the, I sent the note and so I didn't see it. And you were like, well, we all know what's gonna happen as soon as you fire this client, you're gonna get a new inquiry coming through.

And I was like, literally my next voice memo was like, Jordan, holy shit. This like dream client. Like, okay. One thing we haven't talked about yet, but I'm sure that might come up. It's like, I have two cats and I am into like cat mom culture, but like, I'm cool cat mom. Okay. So cats are like my thing. cool guys.

I'm, I'm very single and fun anyway, so I'd had this client inquiry like a couple weeks ago and they decided to sign on with me. It's called Kitty Cardboard. It's literally like cute cardboard boxes for your cats to play with. A dream. I get to write all their marketing content, which like, I get to write fun cat puns amazing.

But the thing, so first off, like I'd sent this email, Jordan responds like mid call and she's like, well, we all know what's gonna happen. And I was like, Jordan, that really happened. Like, I didn't, didn't even know that you'd said that. And even weirder, again, this was like a huge client for me, monthly recurring revenue wise.

And I, I let them go before their payment was gonna be due before the first, so it was like, okay, that money's not gonna be there. Literally, the client that I signed came through at the exact same amount in full in advance for what I just fired the client for where I was like, whoa, I can write about cat stuff and get paid the same amount and 

Jordan: wear glass hours.

Can't you're, you can't make this shit up like it happens every single time. It was wild. I can't explain it. My logical brain is like, this is dumb. But it happens over and over and over again. It's. It's really unbelievable. Mm-hmm. . also just to tie a bow on, on this like, cool cat mom culture, whatever.

Thank you. What? Sure. like, no one believes you. You can't, that, that's not cool. Takes 

Kendall: one. . Okay. I meet plenty of cat moms every day and we all think we're thriving, so, 

Jordan: okay. Thriving is different. I just don't know if it's cool, but I'm not judging because I think we should tell everyone what you, how you described to me before we started this podcast episode.

Like, so if you're sitting and you think that Kendall and I have like, anything remotely close to like a luxurious or, fancy or what's, I don't even know the right words to use to describe bougie. That's not us. Yeah. How did you describe me? What do I look like right now? . Okay. So, 

if you are unaware right now, head over to Google, I want you to type in ghost coastal grandma.

it's a trend. It's, if you don't know what it is, just imagine like Diane Keaton walking on a beach with like some khakis that are, you know, a little baggy. She's got a scarf on a breezy top, a hat. but there's this fashion trend called coastal grandma. I told Jordan, who I know is deep in the Ozarks right now.

Kendall: She looks like an Ozark grandma. cuz she's got a little vest on. She's got her glasses on the top of her head. But what's connected to the glasses? Her chain, her chain, her glasses chain. And she just looks like it's not. And the thing is, I was like, this might sound rude, but I mean it to be cute. You're giving 

Jordan: Ozark grandma.

Yeah, she kicked it off with, I'm gonna give you a compliment, but it's not gonna sound like I'm giving you a compliment. And I was like, okay, great. I can't wait. . yes, I am wearing a Carhartt vest over a sweater. 

Kendall: Oh my god. Even better. 

Jordan: With glasses chain. With a glasses chain hooked my glasses, which I am set on bringing back into style.

I might come out, need to come out with my own line. I think the problem with glasses, chains honestly, is that it's kind of, obnoxious to say glass chain. Like it, it doesn't have a good name. I think it needs a better name. It's that really what it's called. A little bit of a, I think it's got a branding problem.

Jordan: I don't know. What would you call it? Well, I guess that Googled it, but I just, I Googled it because I was like, that surely that's not what people say, right. Glasses chain that doesn't. 

Kendall: French fashion hasn't come up with a cooler word besides glasses chain. Maybe 

Jordan: do a little bit more research. anyway, this is so nerdy , 

Kendall: but here we're

Anyway, this is, so 

Jordan: this is us . What we were actually gonna talk about is Yes, if we haven't lost everyone already, was growing your audience. So I alluded to, I, I've, for anyone wondering, like planning, annual planning, quarterly planning, all the planning, big picture planning, in the weeds, planning. Love it all.

This is honestly, if I had to pick one zone of genius, maybe like my favorite thing to do. and so I've been doing a lot of that for myself, for clients. I've. Probably 25 or 30 hours of planning calls over the last month or so. with, with clients . Yeah. You're like, what? so I've, I've, I've talked to a lot of people about their plans for 2023, and it is very clear to me that there's a theme for 2023.

I think everyone has big goals. Everyone is all in. Everyone is like very excited about this year. And I don't know, I think everyone had mixed experiences with 2022. I mean, I had some great things happen in 2022, but it was also still a very hard year. And there's something really cool and exciting and like, I don't know, like a really, like get shit done, do big things, kind of energy happening, I feel like for 2023.

So, with that has come a lot of conversations about growing audiences. Mm-hmm. , whether that's your email audience, your social audience, all the places, and how that relates to things like getting press and getting on podcasts and, having people that you could even sell to who are excited to buy your shit so that you don't have to do all of these like really high energy, stressful launches and like, just all of this different stuff.

I feel like everyone's on the same page about for 2023 and the ease that I think we're all looking for is gonna really hinge on our, our audience, our audience size, and our audience alignment. So, mm-hmm. , let's freaking talk about it. What do we wanna talk about? 

Kendall: Okay. I think agree with big goals. People are doing that for sure.

I think what I've noticed, at least in like my clients and things, they're people have more clarity. going into 2023 of like who I am, who I'm not, what I do, what I don't do. And, and I think it's just like naturally getting more reps in over time. Like I think we've just got a little bit more of a mature, like collective right now in the online business space.

So people have kind of like tried some stuff out. They've figured out what works but doesn't work. And instead of trying to do what everyone else is saying, this is what success is, they've got their own idea of what that is and how it feels aligned to them as the individual. And then figuring out what that looks like, all of their goals.

Totally agree. Like in some way, shape, or form need more like a bigger audience. So that's definitely there. But I think people will almost like have the clarity of, like, I, I, I feel like in the past, at least from what I've seen with clients is like they're kind of trying to like get rich quick. Like I wanna do the, again, kinda like I alluded to earlier, like you wanna do.

Switch and offer whatever you need to do for this quarter. People are thinking much longer term so they're not thinking like, you know, okay, I'm gonna do this quick thing to make some money for this quarter, and if I need to switch it up, I'll do it again next quarter. It's okay, I'm playing the long game and I'm willing to do the long game and I'm willing to do data.

Or looking back on like what for me has felt really good or felt really aligned and leaning into that and then have creating some form of infrastructure, whether that's something like your sales system or a funnel or in your content, like the kind of content you're putting out. I think a lot of people are waking up to social media isn't the only way you got things like cks I've seen, I mean, and I'm even in the fence of like wanting to create one, but I've never seen me too ing about it.

Many people leaning into paid. or like pay walled things. Yeah. And and it's not just like, again, courses, quick products, that kind of thing. It's like you're, you're playing the long game. It doesn't have to look like the sexiest, quickest thing you throw out there. It's like, what, what can I build in for the long term?

I don't know if sometimes I think like, is it because of the recession? Like people want to like recession proof their businesses cuz we were hearing this or like, I'm not really sure like the, the driver of it, but that's kind of what I see. Yeah. 

Jordan: In clients. Yeah, same. And what I think we, you and I have talked about this a little bit, is that the goals are, there's a lot of variety in the goals, you know, and Totally.

And when we were chatting through, because we have this new offer called Easy AF Funnels and we were talking through like, well who is this really for?

You know? And we were like, well, . I don't, hold on. You were like describing who you thought it was for and I was like, well really this is for someone like you, like mm-hmm. , you have these big goals or like people like me now I do all this shit my myself, so it's not really for me. But, I've talked about, you and I have talked about me building your funnel and I was like, well, how would you describe it?

Like what are your goals? What are you trying to do? Why do you want to grow your audience? Like asking you all of these questions? And you're like, yeah, but I think my goals are kind of like different. I'm like, well, what are they? And you're like, well, I wanna write a book. I'm like, well that's a perfect example.

Because yeah, half of my clients are literally writing a book right now. They've gotten book deals, they want book deals. Like they're in the middle of launching a book. Like there's, that is like not rare. I think there's a lot of people who are looking. looking to do more big things. I think you called 'em like softer goals, which I still wouldn't, I wouldn't call that a soft goal.

Like that's a pretty concrete goal, but it's not like I wanna make a million dollars in a year. Which yeah, I think is an okay goal as well. , 

Kendall: I think the thing like to me, soft versus hard goals and kind of like why I was like, well, and cuz I, I, I'll say for me like a lot of the reason, like I know a lot of people who wanna write books because they wanna write it about whatever their zone of genius or whatever their thing is.

Like for me, I literally wanna write a book because I have this concept candid in kind. That's what I really want to do with my business is like talk about that kind of stuff. But I'm like, in the meantime a copywriter and in the meantime I write for clients and I wanna do this coworking space in Austin.

So I feel like I have these like longer term soft goals that require an audience to like get angel investors in eventually. , you know, have evangelists for my, my thing. But like, it, like, I don't, and I think for me, I'm just in a weird season, I, and I've kind of talked to you about this, like I, in the past was so stuck on how much money I was making or whatever else.

Like, I almost feel like I don't necessarily have a hard revenue goal or something like that. And I'm finding, for me at least, like my soft goal of like, I wanna have an audience to eventually write, not anything about marketing. I'll probably do a paid newsletter or something, but like, my stuff is like the memoir of my life.

Like that's what I'm writing about. So it's a little, it's harder to connect. but I, I, but 

Jordan: honestly, I, but I, but this is what I think is interesting is that I think that part of what's changing in the online space is that people are integrating these types of things into their business. And it's not just, I think this is part of what the, the.

the new energy is for 2023 that you were touching on, is that previously, even like last year, I feel like everyone's plan, everyone's business structure, everyone's goals, everyone's everything was like the same shit. Totally. It was like everyone's trying to do the same thing, you know? Mm-hmm. and this year it does not feel like that.

I mean, the variety in what I'm seeing in the, in the structure and the offers and how my clients are doing business, it, there is so much variety. It's unbelievable. Even like within the same niche, people are doing crazy different things and they have crazy different goals and, and, and lots of them have bigger quote unquote soft goals like that for like very long term things that they want to do that mm-hmm.

what they're doing this year, they know is gonna set them up for that in the long term. And I, I, I honestly think that that is one of the big things that is different this year. Yeah. So many always talk about how we're gonna, how the hell we gonna do that , how are we gonna grow our audiences? How are we gonna connect our audiences this year?


Kendall: Well I think one thing I wanna debunk, cuz I've been, I've definitely been in this, this frame of thought before. I've had clients who are in this frame of thought before, like in, in the past. I think collectively we're seeing people moving away from social media. Thank God people are waking up to email list.

It is 2023. Email marketing is still very much, very much alive. That it's like very much a thing still. Even though it doesn't feel like that. 

Jordan: It definitely is. 

Kendall: I think traditionally people have had a really hard time with the idea of like growing your audience. Cause we've focused on social media, but we're learning like the algorithm fucking sucks.

And so you get, it's exhausting. It's exhausting, it's exhausting. You make a real, I mean, you and I have had this conversation. You're like, Kendall, what the fuck? Like, Like, we made a reel once and it was like 200 views. And then I made this one with like, I, so you, I remember you saying I wasn't even in the reel.

It was the one where it was like the, whatever the trending sound was. And you're like, I have 40,000 views. You're like, what the fuck is that? I'm like, I literally don't know, dude. 

Jordan: It's stupid. It makes sense. And, and I don't ha and I don't have the time and I know none of my clients have the time to play with that shit.

Mm-hmm. like that is just, that is stupid. That's a stupid waste of time. 

Kendall: It is. And what I've found is, cuz we've had clients, you know, ask us to consult on this kind of stuff, I'm like, okay, I'm all for, you know, following social media trends or whatever and like, , the views goal is a vanity metric. How many followers are you getting from your reels and how many sales are you making from that?

Because my guess is probably zero or ver like under 10. Like it's, you're not converting from reels, you're not growing your audience, you're not getting new followers, you're just getting views. So once I kind of like woke up to that and I think a lot of people are waking up to that. I've just seen, I've had so many people come to me and be like, okay, email marketing.

Like I'm listening, I'm listening. Cuz for me, my story is, I mean, I'm all about like how to, what to do. Okay. You have a tiny ass email list. I have 300 people on my email list right now, but I made like multiple six figures in a year. And the one besides referrals, the number one place people came from was my email list, which is insane.

Like you would, I hear so many people saying like, well, I need to get more people, more people on my list. I'm like, no, you don't like you, you need the right people on your email list. But you don't need, you know, a thousand new people every week. , it's helpful, but it's more about what is it that you're giving them.

A lot of times it's the right freebie getting, making sure that that whole funnel is set up correctly, and that you're priming people. I mean, I see this all the time, right? People get random , random freebies. I mean, I, I hear this all the time. Like people create random freebies. They think this is gonna be the thing, and then 

Jordan: they 

Kendall: don't work.

You get two signs, how many sales, they don't make any sales. You make, you, you get two sign-ups, you're like, oh, crap. Gotta go spend another 16 hours making another freebie, and then maybe I'll get two more people. I'm like, no, the problem is the freebie . 

Jordan: Like, yeah, it, it's the, yeah, it's a problem with the, the strategy behind the actual funnel.

And, and I see that all the time too. And, and I think one clarification I wanna make is, you know, this is why the same is true with, with social media as it is with emails. It is with anything that the numbers. don't matter unless they do. Right? Yeah. So yeah, it's the same reason why you wouldn't buy followers because Yep.

The, that type of, that type of number doesn't matter. Now if you have, if your goal is to have 10,000 Instagram followers, which for me, that's one of my goals this year. That's okay. I, and I think if you do it in the right way and you grow your audience and, and you grow your audience in a way that actually gets engaged, raving fans, like we're going for raving fans here.

Everyone's heard that phrase. You know what that means. Like that's what we're going for. 10,000 raving fans on my Instagram sounds like a vanity metric, but it's not like that is gonna be way easier to, to hit my goals if I have 10,000 raving fans compared to like, I think I have 3000 right now, which is still fantastic.

and I do have a very engaged Instagram, which is why. To clarify one thing that I said about that being a stupid waste of time, I was specifically talking about me spending my time on reels, making it real . That is a dumb use of my time. Okay. . And, and, and that doesn't mean that Instagram is a waste of time.

Jordan: It, it maybe is for some people. I get a lot of sales from Instagram. Mm-hmm. , I have a lot of great connections and collaborations that I do via Instagram. I have lots of sales conversations on Instagram. I get new people all the time. And so Instagram is something that I'm prioritizing and growing my audience.

There is something I'm prioritizing, but I am not personally doing any reels. I'm hiring that shit out. Right. So there's ways to tackle it here. but all in all, you need a, you need a bigger audience than what you have now. Yeah. I can almost guarantee it. And you need them to be the right people. That's totally, that's the thing we're trying to get to.

Kendall: Yeah. One thing I talk about a lot in my content in general is like, . It's like there's kind of like you need social media, you do need these things. It's more about like, what is your content saying? Making sure it's attracting the right people. I would rather have a, like even a smaller number, a thousand of the primed.

Perfect. These are exactly my ideal client. I would rather have that than like 10,000 randos period. Like that. That is what I would have. For sure. For sure. And the, the thing with social media is like, it is important to prioritize it because let's be real, we all, as soon as you think about hiring somebody or somebody, as soon as somebody thinks about hiring you, you better believe as soon as they find you, they are stalking these shit out of you.

They're going to your LinkedIn, they're going to your Instagram, they're going to your website. They're downloading your freebie. If you have it, they are stalking the hell out of you to make sure that you pass the vibe check. Yeah. And that's why I think. . Like for me, I mean, I do content and stuff, but that's why I think people are, are playing a little bit of a slower game.

They want that quality interaction with people, which is why like, it's like, yes, you need to grow your audience and we're not just here trying to grow to 10,000 followers because that means we're an authority, which is dumb. We want the right people, we want 10,000 of the right quality leads of people who are actually gonna buy our shit.

Not just like, again, I look cool because I have 10,000 people. Yeah. I'd rather have like, you know, I still want a lot of people, but I want them to be people that are raving fans. They're gonna buy from me over and over again. They are perfectly primed for what I do. Verse whether that's through Instagram or whatever free b I'm putting out there or whatever, whatever 

Jordan: else.

They're Or email. Email list or your what? Your podcast. I mean there's, yeah, there's a million ways to convert people once they're in your audience, if they're the right people. Yeah, exactly. That's where it becomes easy. And this, I know we're gonna talk about some like specific examples of mine. and this isn't like a look at me.

I'm so awesome. I have all my shit together because I don't, I do not have all of my shit together. But . But are you gonna your hand ask 

Kendall: a question? Are you gonna, are you, I just wanna make sure that you're about to tell, drop the mic on your ads strategies. Is that what you're about to Yeah, I, okay. Can I just preface this?

Okay. I am not an ads person. I'm an organic contact content lady, right? I do not do ads. I've been intimidated by them. I'm so scared to test ads. Like they sound super expensive. I've no idea what I'm doing. I'm not a tech person. Like, that sounds so intimidating to me. And I just heard horror stories of people spending money on ads.

They don't work. They're draining their fucking bank account. Like, you know, try trying to figure out how it works. And then Jordan told me what she's about to tell me and I literally was like, stared into space and I was like, she is a goddamn genius. Like, I'm serious. I was like, you told me this and I was like, I'm I, I instantly was like, I need that.

I'm doing that. I'm figuring out whatever the fuck I need to do. I literally, in that mo moment, I was like, I'm hiring Jordan in 2023 to do my shit because I don't know how to do that. But like it makes so much sense. But nobody talks about this. Yes, nobody's doing this because 

Jordan: I don't know why surely people are doing this.

I think people are doing this, especially at like really high revenue, revenue. I, when you have number level, I think when you have people got this shit on lock 

Kendall: for sure. Hot, hot take. I think once you've had the budget and you have the revenue numbers to where you've fucked it up and adds a few times.

Agree. Yeah. I think people who are new and like new to ads, like if you had me do this, oh hell no, this would not happen. I think people who have budget behind them in experience with ads, yeah, yeah. They're doing it. But like, I think. because you started your business with ads. Like for 

Jordan: Yeah. Let me set this, let me set this scene here.

I'll shut the fuck up, but this is 

Kendall: important. Hold on. Time out. Yeah. One small, one small thing that does come up in Voxer that I do think is funny because it came up . When Jordan and I are Voxer to each other, you can't like talk on Voxer when someone else is talking. And so we'll like be asking questions or going on run-ons.

And so we have this thing now when we want the other person to shut the fuck up and stop talking. We literally type S T F U and so we know, oh, better stop recording cuz we have something to say. So that was the real time version of that. 

Jordan: Anyway, I'll shut the fuck up. Kendall. Kendall. Kendall and Jordan's version of raising their hand to, to get their turn to speak because neither of us can shut the hell up.

I'm holding, I'm holding 

Kendall: the conch. Yes. 

Jordan: Okay. So, okay, let's set the stage here. And, and one thing I wanna say too is I wanna, I wanna like start from now and then I'll take you back to the beginning and talk about my strategy and, and. , I've talked about this a lot. I think this is really important context for people to know on how we've grown and the investments we've made and how we've done things.

And it's worked really, really well. And I feel like part of it is luck. but part of it is genuine strategy and the fact that I've been doing this shit for 10 years, right? So like you just learn things and you figure stuff out and, and the more that you do it, the more that you learn and the easier that it gets.

But I just had this realization a couple of weeks ago, and I know I shared this with you via Voxer, of course , because I was planning to, to hire, and I've talked about this on a couple of podcast episodes recently, is that I've been planning to hire this marketing and operations assistant, and I'm also going through a lot of life transitions Right now I'm juggling a lot.

We're moving across the country for the 5000000th time in three and a half years. And so I'm just busy. And we had, we, we had gotten to the final stages of bringing this new person on and I realized, , I don't wanna hire for this person because I'm gonna have to train them because the majority of their job is gonna be focused on doing a lot of marketing stuff.

Mm-hmm. that I'm currently doing. And then I was like, well, what do I really need right now for my business? I don't need clients. Like, and I, I don't that like, not to be like, I don't fucking, I'm, I'm awesome. Like no, I, we have a great team structure right now. We are at capacity on all of our offers right now, other than our membership cuz there's no capacity to it.

And I was like, why am I going to invest in hiring someone to come onto my team that I have to train? It's gonna be very energy intensive, very time intensive. It's gonna cost me money and all they're gonna be doing is rolling out projects and doing things so that we can get more clients. I was like, well, I don't need to do that.

And I was like, well that's a really interesting realization. Why is that? Like we legitimately. Easily get clients whenever we want a new client. And I don't say that lightly and I'm not, I am not just like saying this to like, again, paint this picture of like hire me because I have everything figured out.

We have gotten very lucky and learned a lot and experimented a lot and have legitimately like hacked our entire funnel, all of our leg gen. If I wanted a new mastermind client tomorrow, I would turn my ads on and within a week have a new mastermind client. It is that easy because of all of the things that we've built and we have a very engaged audience and it is not small.

I mean, it may be small to some people, but for us it's a pretty large audience. We've got like maybe 7,000 people on our email list or something. So. , that is just the context of like, where we're sitting right now and, and why I know that what we've done works and what that we're trying to do with this popup offer for a couple of people is gonna work.

And what we're gonna build for you, Kendall, it's gonna work because mm-hmm. , I've done it and I haven't just done it once and I haven't just done it for myself. So, for the, for the history context, I started my business a year and a half ago with about a $20,000 investment into an ads agency to build out my ads.

So I always give that caveat. I do all of my own ads now, a hundred percent of my ads that I, that you see running for our business. I do, I do all of the, the copy, I do all of the creative, I do all of the everything, all of the testing, all of it. , but I only can do that. I think because I invested in the agency to set those up for me.

I use the ad girls, tell them I sent you, they are amazing. They were fantastic to work with. but that was a big, that was a big investment. I'm not gonna sugarcoat that. I spent $20,000 up front for a four month commitment to them. And then their minimum at the time, which I think has gone up, was a $3,000 ad spend on top of that per month.

So I was really closer to what, 30, $35,000 all in on, on a four month investment on ads that paid for themselves. By the end of that, with clients that I, I got high ticket clients. So, that was a, that was money well spent. And now again, I can turn them on. I, I have them for running for freebies. I have them running for application funnels.

I have them running for a million different things because I have a good foundation there. So that part I will say is that part has to be figured out in addition to your actual. Funnel. Mm-hmm. , where should we go from here? Well 

Kendall: what I wanted to hear 

Jordan: was, we're gonna get there, . Okay. I was like, I just had to take a break from talking.

Fuck, sorry. I just feel like I was monopolizing it. Okay. What's funny 

Kendall: about Jordan , I feel like I'm the diddly lit, like, and back to Kendall for a mini sideshow break. what's funny about me and Jordan is she'll talk to me about funnel stuff and my eyes glaze over, which you just audibly heard that version of that where I'm just like, yeah, Jordan.

I don't know. Like, and I think that's true for a lot of people. Like I think you are just really good at ads. But I think the rest of everybody when it comes to ads or even like funnels or funnel strategy or freebies and that whole bit. Like I think people, cuz I'm one of them, like I get it and I'm also like, , I'm too close to it or something.

Like, my brain just doesn't do that. And I've experienced this, like even collaborating with you on this offer where there was one day you were on Voxer, like telling me all the different funnel things that we needed for this offer that we've set up. And I was literally like, Jordan, just tell me what sequence you need me to write.

Just tell me what it needs to be. Cuz I don't know , like my brain doesn't do, my brain just doesn't do that. But it, the thing is, for somebody who's maybe more like creative brain, I don't really know what it is cuz I feel like I have a logical brain. But like, for some reason with funnels, it just like really shuts down for me.

Like, it's interesting to hear like, oh, that is possible. You, you have to set it up so you know, you need, you probably need support with that kind of thing. And to do it, you know, quote unquote the right way or the most optimized way. But the thing that was so interested to me, or interesting to me was that like, this is something that is that easy.

even if my, my brain can't process it, but I, I understand how it works. I get, because I think for me, like in the past, like ads have felt like, I mean, my experience with them is like, people in the past, they're like super sleazy, sales pitchy aggressive, which is not the case. Like none of yours are that way at all.

But I've, I just have kind of had like a weird exposure to them where I'm like, Hey, well I don't wanna be like that, but now I'm like, oh, I can be like myself or authentic and what I'm putting out there and all it's doing is truly attracting more people. Like it doesn't have to be this like, you know, I think the way it's been like villainized maybe, you know, in the past kind of thing.

So that, that for me was really interesting and, and recognizing like, oh, the reason like I, or even like some of my clients like, you know, will do 

Jordan: very, very, very 

Kendall: light lead magnet fus for forever like that. Like part of it is like we just don't know how to do it cuz we've never heard done it before. Like it's kind of one of those things where you have to like, until you do it or someone like teaches you how to do it or you've like ex like someone said, Hey, X, y, z this is the map, this is what to do.

Like, you don't even know. It's like lack of exposure means you don't have it. So that, that would, for me, I think has been interesting in, in this experience of like just learning about funnels. Cuz again, I'm, I'm in marketing, but I feel like I do more of the content side of things and messaging and like deep psychographics, but like funnel stuff.


Jordan: brain, yeah, it is, it is not, it's definitely, it's not there. This is, this is like, this is like the math nerd in me, which you wouldn't Yeah. Necessarily equate math to funnels, but like Totally. It's that type of like, oh God, step by step this, and it's lo it's logic based, which not to tell you you're not logical, but like, it's, it's different.

It's a different kind of strategy and it's a different, I don't know, my brain just works a certain way. Like that's why people pay me money. You'll, 

Kendall: you'll tell me stuff that you're like nerding out. You're like, Ooh, I can't wait to like raise this, like by a couple of percents. I'm like, what the fuck? Like, like, okay, cool, whatever.

But, but the, again, the thing for me is like, I also find like the things I nerd out about are like, oh, like in our sales page that I wrote, I'm like, oh, well I'm, I've got like this deep psychographic and I'm like, that was good shit. That like everyone thought of. But like, that is what nerds me out. It's like, yeah, it, it's like a mix of like I'm more of a qualitative data person.

Clearly you're more quantitative data, which also. It is why this is such a 

Jordan: powerful combo. I dig, but I digress. This is why, this is why we are a power couple in the online space. I agree. 

you, are you gonna ask me on a date? 

Jordan: Nope. . Maybe when I'm in Austin, which hopefully will be soon. Okay. Here, here's what I wanna say too.

This, this isn't just about ads. So before everyone's like, ah, I'm not doing ads. Yeah. Fair. So I don't care about, okay, I have done this organically as well, and as part of like other things like freebie bundles, and I'm a big fan of freebie bundles. I think they're fantastic. So let me just throw out some stats that will hopefully be like, interesting enough that people will keep listening.

I, I have many freebie funnels and so I, I've got lots of, like I said, ads running. I do lots of different kind of ads. I run ads straight to paid products. I run ads, straight to my service guide. I run ads to my freebie and then it's go, they. , it takes people into a funnel. And so there's lots of different ways that you can do your organic funnels and also your paid funnels through ads.

Jordan: And if you can think of it, of it, I've probably tried it and experimented with it and there's, there's no right way, which I think is cool. but let me give some examples of freebie funnels because this is, I think, and this is why we settled on this being the core of this new pop-up offer of ours, this easy AF funnels.

It's a freebie tripwire funnel. So some people call these a slow funnel, like self-liquidating offer, like it's got all these different names. but all it is is a freebie. So a landing page go to, go to a website, type in your name and email, you get the freebie because it sounds awesome. And then immediately after you sign up for the freebie, it redirects you to a page to sell you a no-brainer offer.

And. , then they're on your list and they get the nurture sequence, and then they're primed to buy future offers from you. That sounds really simple. There are a million ways to fuck that up. Okay, so , lots of people have freebies. I would guess that almost everyone listening to this has a freebie, probably more than one, probably many that you don't promote.

I hear that all the time. Oh yeah, I've got this for you, but I don't really promote it super common. No. Probably if you have a freebie, it doesn't have a trip wire offer on it, Chris. Sure. I don't. that's not as common, but should be required in my opinion. And then sometimes people do have. , they've got the freebie, they've got the trip wire, but doesn't convert.

So then like, it doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter if people aren't even signing up for your freebie because it's not positioned correctly. It's not the no-brainer offer that, that they should be getting even for free. The, the messaging isn't correct, the copy isn't good. The tech, the design, all of the things.

So now we're into the sales, pitch portion of this podcast episode in

Kendall: No, stop trying to pitch our thing. Tell, tell the story of 

Jordan: your ads. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. The ads . Okay. So my ads that I have on now that people probably seen is for my client onboarding s o p template. Also very nerdy, very on brand. I have grown my email list by over 6,000 people in the last four months, just from that one ad alone.

So that one ad to that freebie. in the freebies of Google Doc, to be honest. on purpose, cuz it's functional that way. 6,000 people over 6,000 people have signed up. I spent about $10,000 on those ads, so they didn't quite, they didn't quite pay for themselves, but I did make over 6,500 in passive income just from that ad spent.

So spent 10,000, made 6,500. so only out, it's like a $3,500 cost, including all of the testing and grew my email list by over 6,000 people. What's cool is that, that that 6,500 is just passive sales on my trip wire. Mm-hmm. , which is like a really low cost $37, offer, and it's perfectly positioned to be a good buy after they've gotten the freebie.

That's pretty important. But I've also had multiple mastermind and membership sales from. from that ad, from those people coming onto my email list and then converting into my higher ticket offers. Mm-hmm. . So have definitely profited from 

Kendall: that. Yeah. One thing, my perspective on this, like again, I'm more of in the head space of like, if, if and when I have a funnel guilt for me, I would probably eventually throw ads on it.

But like to start, I probably won't, like, I'll probably do organic sales. The reason it's so appealing to me. So one thing that I'm doing this year, cuz we all are growing our audiences, I'm pitching a fuckload of podcasts. Mm-hmm. I wanna be on pretty, pretty much any podcast that I can be on. 

Jordan: Well, what 

Kendall: I want to do is have a funnel in place.

You can steal my strategy if you want, and then Iris to build it for you . It's totally fine. but what I wanna do is have a freebie in place. So when I'm on these podcasts, one that shows up in the show notes, my freebie thing, but I already kind of know my big pillars of what I'm gonna be talking about this year.

So the way I want my freebie set up is, so when I'm on these podcasts, I'm actually gonna buy a custom url. I'm gonna tell you what it is yet cause I don't want you to buy it and then make me have to give you extra money. . But let's pretend it's called buy my shit.com. Let's just pretend. Actually that's a really bad example because if it's literal , nevermind.


Jordan: do like that. They don't need the example. They don't need the example. Don't 

Kendall: need the example. Yeah. Yeah. Just pretend there's a custom URL caught . 

Jordan: Anyway, kendall freebee.com. 

Kendall: Kendall's freebee.com. Thank you. so what I wanna do is like, when I'm on a podcast, I can also easily talk about it in the episode and I can just drop in.

Hey, I have some, you know, if you're listening and this is important to you, go to kendall's freebie.com to grab it. But so what I'm doing is, you know, I'm growing my list. I'm growing people that are exposed to me through podcasts. I have an easy offer that's a freebie that I can. You know, a no-brainer.

Kendall's freebie.com. It's not some fucking complicated long ass url. Like it's super simple that I can just name drop in the episode. And because of the way the trip wire is set up, I'm actually making money while growing my email list. So many times when I've done this in the past, like, you know, I create a freebie, whatever, and I am in marketing and content, so it doesn't technically take me that long, but it is time burned trying to create a free offer, which time is still money in your business.

So I'm spending all this time trying to create a free offer versus I have this funnel set up. So even if it's a $37 product or however much it is, you know, I'm getting people on my email list. One, that's great because I know for me, my email list is high converting because of the way I, I market to my people and I'm also making money from the Tripwire product because it's a no-brainer.

So this for me, like has kind of been my. I'll say like, my awakening toward why this is important, and I'm an organic content girl, I, again, I'll probably eventually do ads, but even for me, I'm like, God, I'm gonna be on all these podcasts. Like what a missed opportunity to, I'm already gonna be talking about this stuff anyway.

Why not have something that I can actually talk about in an episode name drop the URL versus it just being some random show notes thing. Cuz I, I do struggle sometimes when I have a lot of different offers going on. It is hard for me to be like, Ugh, I gotta talk about my services and I have this product and I have this rebi and I gotta share about my life.

Like, sometimes that is really hard for me, but if I already know I'm gonna be doing so many podcasts because I'm, I know that I'm pitching them, why wouldn't I set up something like that, you know, all already Totally. And in all the different places. Totally. And it's, it's not even just podcasts, it's like there's 1,000,001 other ways, but from, that's kind of my take on it as someone who's maybe not gonna turn on ads right 

Jordan: away.

Yeah. There's so many ways to do it. And even organically, like before I turned my ads on for this client onboarding freebie, I tested it organically to make sure that people were gonna actually buy the trip wire. Mm-hmm. , because kind of important that they do that piece. Otherwise, that's a waste. And so you do have to, again, think about the strategy behind it, make sure that it makes sense, and then test it.

And organic is always the best way to test it. And then you can stack on these other things, roll it out, through ads. Another example of something that I did, and I think your, your podcast one is perfect because mm-hmm. , I know a lot of people listening to this are trying to get more exposure through guest podcasting this year.

Totally. A hundred percent. Everybody's not, it's not a hundred percent of my clients have guest podcasting as one of their goals for this year that they wanna be doing more of or like speaking or summits or, you know, guest speaking in other people's memberships or their masterminds or whatever. Mm-hmm.

and having somewhere to send people that's not just like, oh, go to my website. . Yeah. Super helpful. But the other thing I wanna mention that, that worked really well for me. This is a totally different freebie funnel that I have. Mm-hmm. that actually I don't even have on right now. Speaking of the getting strategic with your audience, I moved away from some offers that I had previously.

Jordan: So this funnel's not, not really existing anymore, but, or at least I'm not promoting it. But last year I participated in a freebie bundle. And if, if no one's ever heard of these, I was hoping you were gonna talk about this. Yeah. So you, you contribute, like someone hosts this bundle, you contribute a product of yours to it.

Ideally something that isn't something that anybody can get for free from you otherwise. So I created this group program, starter Pack, contributed to the bundle, and then everyone who's participating in the bundle promotes it to their email list. And then hopefully, you know, the, the people that you're getting exposed to on other people's lists join your list because they want your freebie, the great.

the great way about how the one that I was in, which was Kate Dosers, how hers was run, is that when someone signed up to the the bundle, they weren't just automatically going onto everyone's list. The people who were participating and, and signing up for the freebies had to pick and choose which freebies they actually wanted.

So you know that the people joining your list are actually aligned with your, your freebie and your offer and what you're selling. So that's an important clarification here if you're thinking about running one. and I remember when I signed up to participate in this and I got accepted, they had some information there.

They were like, you know, usually you can expect kind of like a few hundred people to join your list. That would be really great. We had one person who got 500 people on their list One time I was like, okay, cool. Like I'm kind of new in business. This will be great. Great way to like ramp up my email list.

I took the time to set it up as a tripwire funnel cuz she said that was something that was allowed. And so it was for this group program starter pack. And then after that you got, you know, a tripwire offer for, I think it was 37 or $47. so promote the thing. I had fairly small email list at the time, and within five days of it was only a five day long event or promotion period.

Within those five days I had over 1500 people opt whoa for my freebie. And I had made 2,500 to $3,000 sale, dollars in sales from passive only. And that doesn't count. People. I know one person for sure signed up for my mastermind, after that, through that, that funnel funnel through that funnel

And so it's just another, another great example of like, it doesn't have to be ads and if mm-hmm. , if your freebie is dialed in, the strategy is right. The messaging is right behind your freebie. and your trip wire is there. Like, this is how you make passive income. That was like something that I put together in like a weekend.

But all of the pieces have to be together for it to work for people to actually buy your shit and then for them to make sense to be on your email list. Yeah. So that they wanna buy your other stuff. Okay. Shut the fuck up my turn. . So, 

Kendall: so I also want a vulnerable moment. This is a, a little bit of a failure on my part, but we can talk about it.

I not to just like, I, I loved what you were just saying about like, the pieces have to be set up correctly. So I was invited to do a freebie bundle in August that my coach Emma Louise was doing that Jordan had actually set up and I thought our tech was set up correctly. We'd had like a bunch of like just weird stuff going on internally, but I thought that our freebie was set up, we'd tested it, it was working on our end.

Turns out. For whatever reason, something we don't really know what didn't work correctly. So I, this is so embarrassing, but we're gonna talk about it because, the testing is so important and the tech is so important, which is not like my expertise. So I was literally in London, I was visiting my coach and I was like, oh yeah, you know, I, you know, I'd had to send in my like, you know, how many signups we'd had, and I'd saw Emma Louise and Amy Brown, who was also in the freebie thing.

And I was like, yeah, you know, I only got like 10 signups. And Amy was like, yeah, I got like 500. And I was like, what the fuck? Like, yeah. So I was like, oh my God. I like what a missed opportunity and what was the reason? It was a great freebie. It was literally because our tech wasn't set up correctly and I didn't know, and I'm not a tech person, so I had kind of like outsourced that piece to get done.

And then I was like, okay. 

Jordan: And just to clarify, she didn't outsource that to me. , no. Jordan was not 

Kendall: the one that that set that up. But like, oh, 

Jordan: we were setting up the whole bundle, whole bundle thing for doing her 

Kendall: thing. Yeah. I had, I had someone on my team setting it up and like we'd tested it and I thought it was working and then I was like, I am not a tech person.

I'll be the first to say like I am and I'm not like that stuff you, you're way outta my zone of genius for that stuff. Some stuff I'm okay at, but like that. Nope. And so it was just like such a bummer being like, God, I had this like golden opportunity in front of me that. Other people who were in the same bundle had hundreds and hundreds of, of signups.

And I move over here with 

Jordan: time. I did too. I had about 500 people sign up for mine for that bundle. Thanks. Yeah, it's 

Kendall: fine. Again, yeah, it's, sorry. It's a little, little bit of an ego bruise to talk about, but I do think it's important to show, like the testing piece and the techie piece is so important because for, again, for me, I know my email list converts and I have a small one.

Like I, I don't have ads. I have a pretty small one, but I have a really high converting list, especially with high ticket stuff, which is what I do mostly one-off projects and stuff like that. Like my email list is like incredible for that stuff. So it was like such a bummer where I was like, oh my God.

Like where, where, where would I have been three months ago? Had that, you know, worked correctly with all those new leads. So I think like from my perspective, the, the testing and the tech as somebody that, that's not my thing. That was just such a, like, I love the idea of a freebie bundle and I'm like, God.

Okay, maybe, maybe this year I'll get invited into one. Cuz first, first time was, not it first 

Jordan: time was not it. And, and I think that's like, not that exact story, but this kind of like wamp womp, it wasn't really like that good of an experience. Like you didn't get much from it. Mm-hmm. , that kind of sentiment toward having a funnel, having a freebie I think is really common.

Like, oh totally, I did all this work, you know, like, I made this product, this freebie, I made this stuff. Maybe you did the tech yourself, maybe you hired it out. Like, if it's not done well, it's gonna be a want, want experience. It just is. And I see that a lot and I see, I see clients with, you know, half a dozen or a dozen freebies that are just, they make no sense.

No offense to all my clients. I love you. because we're experimenting a lot, but they make no sense. For the clients that they're actually trying to get. Like it's not the no-brainer strategic setup mm-hmm. to get the result that they're looking for. and I, I think for the most part, that doesn't usually like break your business.

Right? It's not like you're doing so much and investing so much and working so many hours on it that that it not working is gonna break your business, but it sure as hell can make your business. Mm-hmm. And, and I know that because that freebie bundle that I did where I had those 1500 people and like $2,500 in passive sales and then I got a mastermind sale.

That mastermind sale that I got was my first mastermind client that was that person bought. Cuz I launched my mastermind not that long after I did this freebie bundle. I seriously believe that that had a big, that was a big factor in making my business because that mastermind is. My money maker now that is like where the bulk of my recurring revenue comes from.

That's where the bulk of my clients are. That's how I work with most of my clients. And I, I don't know, I do not know what my business would look like now. I feel like I'm turning into an infomercial, but legitimately I do not know what my business would look like had I not done that freebie bundle bundle.

And it had not, had it not like, worked out the way that it did mm-hmm. and I got that mastermind client right from it. I don't know. I think it legitimately made my business. Yeah. 

Kendall: One thing I wanna say too, like, cuz I, I feel like we're like emphasizing a lot like the tech and the set of side of things, and we kind of hit on this earlier, but like, one last thing before we talk about our, you know, what we are, what we've got going on and what we're working on together and collaborating on in our, offer.

But the thing I think that's really important that a lot of people. it, it is about the str the strategy behind everything. It's about the tech and making sure everything's set up, but all of that stuff doesn't mean anything if, if you're trying to grow your audience in this way, whether it's through freebies or you know, 

Jordan: a funnel 

Kendall: essentially on the back end.

The way that you grow an audience of aligned quality raving fans, like no matter where you wanna spin it, the way that you do that is through messaging. Like mm-hmm. not to be like, I, you 

Jordan: know, I love that we're all here. Talk about, that's part of the, that's part of the strategy know strategy like, but 

Kendall: strategy on time for the 

Jordan: messaging.

get go with the mess. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We totally scooted over that. But it's because for me, in my brain, it's like the strategy umbrella is the offer, the offer positioning, and the messaging going hand in hand. It's that is, you can't do it without that doesn't matter if your tech is set up right or not.


Kendall: so one time for the messaging dress, I think that when it, and I see this a lot as somebody, I mean, I, I basically do messaging for a living at this point. I feel like all of the people I work with now, like I write, you know, a project or content or whatever, but the reason people come to me is for the psychographics.

And it's that that weeding out of people and detracting people that are not who your offer is for, which is just as important as attracting people. So there's a way to do it, and there's kind of a finesse to it. And I think when it comes to freebies especially, it's, it's kind of just as important to make sure that whatever your offer is and what, what it is that you've 

Jordan: got in your funnel, you don't, you want the people 

Kendall: that it's not for to stay away.

Because there, there's just so many red flags that can happen, whether they're wanting to work with you one-on-one, or you know, they're not getting the full benefits of your offer or your product or whatever. There's just as much benefit in detracting the people. It's wrong for as there is. attracting the people that it's right for.

And like it's super important, of course to have the backend tech of everything set up. But you know, if I may, with the messaging piece, like that's how you make sure that the people who are in your audience, if that's what you're aggressively growing this year, you wanna make sure that those people are quality, that they're raving fans eventually.

And it's not just about like hitting on psychographics and pain points and things like that. Like I think what I think, and you can let me know, but I feel like you're, you're gonna just retweet me. But like, I think part of my like skillset is not just psychographics, but I have this weird knack for like writing as somebody else.

Like I can write something and make it sound exactly like you, which who doesn't in 2023 wanna have an aligned audience where you can actually show up in your authenticity and sound like yourself, but you don't have to be the one to write it like that. I think when I think about like 

Jordan: my unique. Skills at this point.

Like that is why people hire me. It's, I 

Kendall: hear the same thing all the time. It's, I've hired other copywriters. I hate the way they make me sound or I, I hear this a lot too. I, they're like, I love your tone of voice. I love the way, you know, you write or you are writing for, I heard this on Friday. I was like, you write for this client and I like the way that you write as 

Jordan: them.

And I, I find 

Kendall: that, so much of, if you're a service provider or you're trying to sell products or services or whatever it is, like we are seeing the shift in 2023 of, yes, we wanna grow our audiences, but we want to be able to show up as our full selves in those things. And part of the way you do that is your brand voice, your personality and what it is that you talk about in your content or the way that you talk about it.

And is it gonna be real transparent, candid, which, I mean, I, I mean I've been writing for you for, for forever. That's why we, we work so well, is we have both have kind of direct communication styles, but that's how you. , you, you want whatever the thing is that you're promoting, whether it's your landing page or the pdf, like you, there's a way to appeal to someone because you're th you know, the benefits of whatever your thing is.

But also, even in the things about like, telling your story where it resonates with someone on a deep, you know, emotional, psychological level. It's not just like, you know, I think more of the manipulative marketing mm-hmm. And messaging stuff 

Jordan: in the past. So I will say that that's definitely not you. Yeah.

I, I, I won't do it 

Kendall: anymore. I've, I've had people who want, you know, just make sure this converse. I'm like, no, not like I want it to convert and I want it to sound like you. Like there. It's not, why do 

Jordan: you want people to this or that? You want people to wanna read it. I think that's cool. One thing that I really like about your content is that people actually wanna, And they do read it and, and I'm gonna double retweet you from what you said earlier.

Okay. , you are like a legit magician with your content. And I know I've said that before and you probably have that in a testimonial from me somewhere, but it's literally in my 

Kendall: bio on our sales page. But it's because you said 

Jordan: that I told my mom is true. 

Kendall: I read my mom the sales page lol, because I was, I also had to tell my parents what a funnel is.

This is funny. I had told my parents what a funnel is and I'm, you know, reading them through the process section of her sales page. If you haven't checked it out, it's actually fucking hilarious. Like, you must read. So go, go to our sales page for easiest fuck funnels. It's just funny, 

Jordan: honestly, just for entertainment.

It's just, 

Kendall: it's just funny. Like, I literally was sitting there reading it to my parents like, guys this, like, this is peak humor. And they're like, what the fuck is a funnel? Also a aside. My dad thought that , it would be so funny if when we get a client for an easy as fuck funnel, we nail them a funnel cake.

And like if that's not peak dad joke, humor. I don't know what it is. Oh, but that, oh my gosh. That was like his actual, he was like, that would be funny. His actual suggestion. That was his actual suggestion. I was like, dad, you maybe don't know how marketing works. Like, 

Jordan: no, I don't think that's it. I'm actually not opposed to this idea, but we can talk about that

I just think the 

Kendall: integrity of the funnel cake would be, you 

Jordan: know, it's like a gift card for a funnel cake or something. Okay. Where are you gonna get Funnel cake? ? I don't know. Truck down the street. Me and your dad are at 

Kendall: the rodeo. Stupid. . . I didn't say that, but you know. No, I'm just kidding. but no, the thing is like with like the sales page and stuff, like even like making sure things are entertaining or whatever else, like with copy, I find like I, I've had so many people, this is so funny.

And. Kind of an aside, but kind of not, like, I've had to so many people over the last month be like, oh, are you afraid you're not gonna have a job anymore because of chat G B T or whatever it is, the like chat ai, 

Jordan: AI shit. And I was like, 

Kendall: I was like, no, it's a literal robot. And like my stuff is funny and entertaining and it like encapsulates your humor and everything else.

Again, you, there are many a cat jokes on our sales page for this offer, but there's a, there's a way to make things entertaining where like, all you're doing when you're do that, doing that is showing, Hey, this is who I am and you're basically passing a vibe check whether that de attracts the wrong person or attracts the right person.

Yeah. So it's actually better to have, I don't know. I think the, the way I do it, which is really just like, I mean, I, I had an email for a client last month. She's. Branding in graphic design person and she helps eating disorder. clinicians, in her emails we're dropping Mia Theophilus, princess of Genovia.

Like that's what we throw in there and people freaking love it. So, and there's, there's, there's like deep psychographic stuff that I think, I think, I think in one of our emails I talked 

Jordan: about Beanie Babies. I think I actually highlighted that to talk to you about that later because that's awesome. thank you.

Thank you. But yeah, 

Kendall: that's, that's the thing is like there, there's so much like you can have fun with your messaging and have it be the reason people are like, oh my God, I have to work with this person because yeah, they so get 

Jordan: me. Or like, I think that, and from a client perspective, I've got two. I wanna finish my double retweet cause I only got, oh, sorry.

Sorry. The rest of it is as from a client perspective, because I was your client and still am cuz you're writing all of my newsletters. correct, yes. What I think is a really, what I think makes working with you a magical experience. Is that you have multiple times written content for me and I'm like, that sounds like I wrote it.

Not in like a Oh yeah, it's like on brand and it's like my tone and like making references I would make, it's saying deep shit that I have never told anybody, , that is like legitimately the shit that I think in my head. And you just finally put it into words in a way that makes sense. That is magic. Yeah.

And I am not, you didn't prime me to say this. That is like my legitimate experience with working with you. Oh wow. Thanks. You can clip this recording for a testimonial later. And , like I said at the top of the episode, like I get people responding to my emails all the time and to my content and like complimenting it, which I think is awesome.

and people have no idea. people have no, I bet no one has any idea what emails you're writing, what emails I'm writing, what content on social I'm writing or what you're writing. Cuz it's a, it's a mix. Yeah. But I bet you, you have no 

Kendall: idea. I mean, I don't know if we've talked about this before, but like Emma, who is my coach that is on Jordan's list and was a client of Jordan's Jor, Emma has told me, she's like, I can't, I can't tell which ones Jordan is writing and which ones you're writing.


Jordan: yeah, Emma and Jordan, we talk every day. They've areed pretty 

Kendall: much like we do. Like they, Emma really knows Jordan and I think that that for a while, like there was one thing you told me once where you were like, I literally got goosebumps cuz I thought I wrote that. And so I was like, oh well I write goosebump worthy content.

But another thing that's fun is like, I passed the the best friend test. Yeah. If you sent this email to your best friend, like would they be able to tell that you wrote it or not? And I think 

Jordan: this is kind of weird, it's 

Kendall: my little woowoo shit or whatever that when it comes to like what I do, but I will literally write something as someone else.

And I won't remember that I wrote it because I kind of just like, as an empath, I kind of just take on their energy or whatever. I write it and I will, like, Jordan will drop emails cuz I'm on her list, obviously she'll email me. This is what hap this happened like yesterday. Recently? No, literally last night we were trying to, I was like, oh I remember you wrote this email.

I don't think I wrote it. I think you wrote it. And I couldn't remember cuz I was trying to like copy the structure of one of the things. Cause I was like, that was brilliant and I love the way that you did that. But I know I didn't write that or I don't think that I did. And like I literally, she'll send stuff through her list and I'm like, I don't know if I wrote that one.

You don't even know if you 

Jordan: wrote it. . I don't even know. And 

Kendall: I like, there's so many times like I'll see stuff 

Jordan: posted on social media for any 

Kendall: client and I'll be like, I'll have to go back to the Google doc. Cause I'll look at it and be like, that's fucking good. And then I'm like, did I write that? Because I just black out when I write as other people.

Cuz I don't. It's weird, like I just kind of like shut off my own, this is sound gonna sound so woo, but I like shut off my own energy. I channel the other person and then once I come back to being Kendall, I'm telling you, I sound like I'm fucking baam me up. Scotty. Like, I sound like a 

Jordan: fucking weirdo Dato.

Yeah. I don't know what you're talking about. hire, hire me. Yeah. 

Kendall: But no, the thing is like I, I legitimately don't, don't remember what I wrote. Like it's super weird. But that's the other thing that I, I, I just get a lot of people that have hired other copywriters before and they're like, that's weird. And it's like, I don't know, it's just kind of my weird zone of genius thing and like I could, I could pretty much write as I agree.

Any anybody on, on the fly 

Jordan: almost. Yeah, you can. Yeah. It's weird. You can, and yeah, and, and this is the thing too, this is the final point I wanted to put on this is from, again, from the client perspective. I, since working with you, have actually found my voice, I think cause of us working together. I know. My God.

Oh God. Oh my God. 

Kendall: Because it's like, that's 

Jordan: my dream. Yeah. Okay. So this is a real thing. So if anyone's listening to this being like, I just want that, well then you need to work with us because hey, God, that's my dream, dude. It's, it's a really cool experience that it's almost like you, you took all the stuff.

Like I was just saying that it's like the stuff that I think about and how I think about things and you put it into words in a way that was like, yes, okay, this is what I'm trying to say. And you did it in a way that everyone else can understand. And then once I started seeing that, it's almost like I have gotten better at doing it myself too.

Mm-hmm. as we've worked together. And also it was a little bit, there was a little element of like permission giving of like, no, this is like. , I'm gonna write how you talk and how you sound and how you think, and you should just do that all the time. And I was like, oh, interesting. That would be a lot easier to do.

Yes. And so that's just what I do now, that that is like, I feel like the podcast has been a big part of that too. Mm-hmm. , but also working with you in like the written way. Because I could show up and, and talk how I would talk, but it wouldn't necessarily translate across all of my other content because I, I'm not, I don't enjoy writing.

I can do it if I have to, but, it's harder for me. But you've actually made it easier because it's like, okay, well this is, I can just say it how I would say it and I don't really overthink it anymore. I'm like, well, I'm just gonna like, I'm gonna just do me because apparently that that actually works for everyone and it's a lot 

Kendall: easier to do.

Ima imagine like what you can be your most authentic self and it's the 

Jordan: thing I know everyone, but what the hell does that even mean? No, it's actually, this is what it means. Well, this is, this is something I 

Kendall: don't even know if you've like, like wrapped your head around this, but I remember when we first started working together, I was the one who I feel like I kind of pushed you to be like, no, you can drop a mic.

Like we can have a what if, what was the thing? 

you were like, you should do hot cakes. That's like what you do. Yeah, yeah, yeah, 

Kendall: yeah. Cuz you didn't even, I don't even know that you had said that. I was like, oh, right. Like, or I was like, Jordan, that's like literally how you talk. And you're like, what? I can talk about that.

And then eventually, I remember in December I was like, Hey, you know, I'm working on your content. Do you want me to do, like, what do you want me to do? And you're like, I just want hot takes and unpopular opinions. That's what I, I wanna talk about. But I mean, before we were working together, you would 

Jordan: do it some 

Kendall: but not, I mean, not like now.

which I think like the whole thing about you finding your voice, not for me to be like, oh my God, Jordan's being candid and kind, but it's literally, I'm like, oh my God, so cool. . But like, that's, sorry, I'm having like an existential philosophical freak out in my brain, but it's fine. , I think that's the thing.

I'm like, oh my God, I'm such a weirdo. This is what nerds me out is like, that is the thing that like really lights me up is like giving people, it's, it's nothing that you're not already doing, but it's kind of like, and I'm a projector in human design, so it like really brings me joy to be like, and here's the bumpers, and go, 

Jordan: yeah.

And then you just like button, it's like clarity sprint. Yeah. If I had to describe it in three words and we didn't rehearse this, it would be clarity, ease, and permission. It's like those three things, like all combined into one that it's like, oh, I love just easy now I can just, I can just be myself in my content and in my business and that actually is gonna make my.

Business better. Yeah. And easier. It's okay. Yeah. Let's go. We, we gotta shift gears to the offer to tell people about this sensitive, now that you've heard time sensitive life updates. 

Kendall: Yeah. It is time sensitive. Yes. You start, I'll interject 

Jordan: as needed. Okay. So here's what we're doing. We're doing this pop-up offer called Easy AF Funnels where we are going to collab to build out your entire funnel.

So we're gonna help you create your freebie, actually do the design for you. we're gonna do all of the strategy from start to finish on what does your freebie even need to be. Do you have one that exists that we can just make it better, redesign it, make sure that it matches up with the long-term strategy of what you're trying to sell.

Pair a trip wire offer to that, so that you can actually sell something immediately off the back of someone signing up for your freebie. And then we're gonna do everything else that you need done to make that all come together. Mm-hmm. . Sales page, copy design, all of the tech, all of the email automations, all of the fancy nerdy stuff behind the scenes, all of the design.

Did I say that already? Mm-hmm. , Kendall's gonna do all of your messaging strategy and then she's gonna write everything, 

Kendall: all your stuff, every, all of your stuff. Word, 

Jordan: every word. Including including your email nurture sequence, which everyone knows they need. Maybe you've got it probably sucks. I totally get that.

Everyone's, I wrote yours. Everyone knows they need it. Yeah, mine's good now. , but I didn't, but I didn't have one. She did not have one before we worked together, but now it's, I didn't have one for over a year. Gotcha. even though I knew I needed one and like, this is stuff that we do and it, you pro even you have one probably to be a new one.

Yeah. Yeah. It happens. So we're gonna write all of that. We're gonna put all of this together. It's gonna be perfect little, package and tied up with a little pretty bow and it's gonna be beautiful so that you can then go. And do your thing. Do your podcast, do your guest speaking, do your ads, do your whatever, and actually get people who are aligned with you, who want to work with you onto your list.

And if you're doing ads, hopefully you can pay for the ads through the trip wire product. Mm-hmm. . So we're gonna get this full setup. All, all of the examples that I gave earlier about the things that I've done, we're gonna do that exact same setup for you, but make sure it's done in a way that's actually gonna convert into clients.

Cuz like, that's the whole point, right? Mm-hmm. . Yeah, I'm super 

Kendall: excited. I think, again, I, I even thinking back earlier, like there's, there's so much here around like your quantitative, nerdy brain. Like clearly for the rest of us in the room, like we are not Jordan's brain and . There is something around, I think the qualitative side of, kind of like what I've talked about with everything where, yeah.

it is an investment upfront, but I, I mean, I think about. the way what the numbers I even see on my own very small email list, you know, getting 50 people added on there, but when it's set up the right way, like you can easily pay for this with like one client, two clients. Like Oh yeah. As far as like ROI and then some like, that's plus pl not even counting the trip wire.

Kendall: Right. Which is also gonna help you. The thing for me, I think is in the past, growing an email list, growing your audience has felt super hard. Mm-hmm. , it has not felt easy. It has felt, yeah, like a grind. You've gotta put in all these hours and it still sucks Anyway. Like it, and there's so much about the way you did this and why, I was like, what the fuck is you figured out a way to basically make money while growing your email list.

There's there's no downside. Yeah. You're literally gonna be doing the podcast anyway. You're gonna be trying to put the, you know, guest speaking or the media features or the guest. Talking in a Facebook group or you know what, whatever other method or ads, if that's what you're into, like you are literally already gonna be doing that stuff this year.

Why wouldn't you invest and have the funnel in the backend so that you're making money from it and you're signing clients? Like that to me is like the no-brainer of it. And you already have the goals for this year. Why not make it in a 

Jordan: way where you can 10 x your audience? Like that's exactly, that's the thing for me.

And get paid And get paid. 

Kendall: Literally get paid. Passive income. Get paid. 

Jordan: Yeah. Truly what I'm trying to get to here is kind of what I, what I was describing earlier about my experience now of finding clients like I, it's not, this is what I want for everyone, who works with us through this process. Yeah. I don't want you to have to think about how you find clients.

I literally don't even think about it. I don't think about. needing a client or where they're gonna come from. She's like, well, if I need a new client, I'll just, you know, email my list, tell people I'll just email my list or I'll turn my ads back on. Or I'll post about it because I have an audience that actually wants to buy my shit.

And it's, it's easy to make sales. Mm-hmm. , that's what we're trying to get to here. Yeah. Without a pop-up offer. Yeah. 

Kendall: It should be a no-brainer. I mean, the thing, the thing for me right, is, is so interesting about having an email list and, and everything else and nurturing that list, but making sure that the people in your list and in your audience, like want what it is that you do.

Like literally, I'm going through this right now in real time as you're listening to this. Like, I fired a really big client last week and I'm like, holy shit, how am I gonna replace that spot? Cuz like, I need to replace that spot. Mama needs to replace 60% of her monthly recurring revenue. And the thing for me is like, I know because I have an, an audience as well, it's not as big as yours, but if I put it out there a couple times that I have some spots available, like I'm sold out for January and February, like I'm selling March spots outside of this, you know, funnel that we have.

Like I, for me, it's so important to have this steady back, not backlog, but like a, a place to sell wait list. Wait list, basically. It's not an active wait list, but I know like, okay, well this, like, I, I don't feel like, and this was so much of my experience with this one client that I had, I felt like I had to keep them around because it was so much of my business.

I felt like I didn't have the freedom to choose. Like, I, I remember sitting back with you in Voxer, like this was probably back in November and I've had the thought in my head of like, October. Okay, are we gonna, no, can't afford to do that. Like, it, it's too risky. Okay. November, eh, should I, I should probably do it.

This is like some red flag shit. . Can't, can't afford it. Too risky. December. Can't afford it. Too risky. And like feeling empowered in a place where like, I do have the people in my audience to do that. I think for, for me in particular, I, I'm not a big agency, is a little bit different, but I so much of that like having the freedom to choose, especially for me going into this year mm-hmm.

like freedom to choose like, like what my no represents and my like, perfect example, right? I let this client go and I had someone in my audience who's already there, who's been watching me, she, this girl has followed me for months and months and months. And then, what is it, Katie Cardboard Baby. Like that is what's available to you when you bless her, have the right when you, we love her.

Literally bless her. We love her. She's amazing. that's, I, yeah, go ahead. I was gonna say, sorry. That's what's available to you. When you have the right people in your audience, you get more freedom for the clients that like really light you up and that you enjoy working with and aren't, I mean, in my case it was like, Sucking my time, sucking my energy.

It just didn't feel good. Like I wanted my business to feel easy, especially as I went into more of like a solo copywriter season. And by having my list set up in that way, like I, I, I have the way, I have the freedom to do that, which is another, I mean, there, there's literally so many benefits to it. But for me that was what was really important.

As someone who doesn't have a massive team anymore. Like yeah, I, I get the control of like, no, this is what I want my life to feel like. And those cool people, perfect fit clients, like, can't believe I'm writing for this 

Jordan: person. Yeah. I think it's the, it's, it's the ease that I talked about, but it's also like the confidence that you're talking about and like this, it's confidence and like security really.

It's security I think is a better word that combines kind of everything that we're talking about. Yes, yes. And I had a, not a similar experience cause I didn't have to fire a client, but I had a client who has been working with us for quite some time who had to roll off for her own reasons and.

literally filled her spot the next day. Mm-hmm. , I like, I'm not exaggerating. Yeah. 

Kendall: That, and 

Jordan: there, there's something that is the secure, there is something, yeah. Deeply important about having security as an online business owner, and that is what having an engaged audience gives you. 

Kendall: Yeah. I think the thing is, like, you can have, so, so many times we expect security in entrepreneurship, any, any form, but especially in online, we expect it to show up in like, like I'll say like true inquiries there.

It's different when you know, like, should you need it, you've got the lever to pull, you've got the audience to sell to. That's, that's it. A very different energy than. Okay, well if I do fire this someone do a launch, I better fucking do a launch. Or I'm hitting the motherfucking pavement and hitting the dms like hoping somebody hires me.

It's very different than the whole way, dude. No, it's very different than like, you know what, and, and this is like literally my exact experience and my whole story of, y'all know all my shit, but like I shut it down. I was terrified. I was like, oh my God, am I doing this? I told my parents like I had to put my big girl panties on and I had some really big balls that day and I just fucking went for it.

I'm really cool. . I told my parents not everything cuz they, again, they were like cross-eyed with funnels and they're like, we don't get it. And I'm sitting there, I'm like, yeah, y'all aren't gonna get this. Like, I need a whiteboard. Yeah. But like, have the experience of having that happen. And here's, I mean, I didn't even talk about this later.

similar experience. I'd fired this client officially. Friday, be like, locked eyes on the, the plan signed off on everything. Literally within an hour. I didn't even launch anything. Within an hour, I have an inquiry from someone in my inbox asking me to help them write their book and write the chapters of their book.

Kendall: And what, and what do they wanna talk about? They wanna talk about how they closed down their marketing agency after 12 months, which is literally my exact experience within an hour of signing off on the plan. Because why? See, I have a good audience. Yeah. That I've 

Jordan: primed, gotta have it A big audience, a bigger audience of raving fans, bigger audience of 

Kendall: raving fans, and no 

Jordan: randos.

And we're gonna make it easy. Af , let's go. 

Kendall: And we're just fun. You. . I mean, again, not to like pitch our own sales page, like shamelessly pitch it to go look at it. But if you wanna know the actual reality of like what is gonna happen when you sign on to work with us, like it's there. Go read the process that I wrote in our sales page because that is like, haha, it's marketing linko.

No, this is literally what's gonna happen. . Like, yeah, yeah. 

Jordan: Like, it's funny, but it's, and we promise not to talk your ear off like we've done today, . We'll talk each other, each other's ear off. Yeah. And then we're all business on our strategy calls. Yeah, we 

Kendall: are. We are. and literally as, I mean, if you would read our sales page, you'd know that there are also an undetermined amount of cats in our, video calls.


Jordan: on your side. Not on my side, 

Kendall: on my side, but there's literally, I don't cats right now. There is a cat leaning his head on my lap and then on my desk currently, because that's my life. . Have I ever told you what my friend. has nicknamed my apartment. It's very N S F W. Yes. Oh. But it's, let's 

Jordan: not. Mm-hmm.

Okay. Well mm-hmm. We're not going there. If you wanna know 

Kendall: DM me, 

Jordan: but yeah, DM Kendall for that conversation. It's very 

Kendall: hilarious, but probably just cross the line. 

Jordan: But it's funny. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, anyway, anyway, so for a couple of other like things to mention housekeeping items on this bringing it back to the, agenda.

We have three spots for this offer, for this pop-up offer. And the deadline to apply is February 10th. So if you're like, yes, I want this, I want to grow my audience, I want it to be easy af, I wanna make sales easy , then go apply for one of the spots. We will be back with you in a couple of days after you apply.

And we will leave applications open until February 10th or. Until our three spots are filled, cuz we're gonna be doing first come first serve basis. So get your, get your application in asap and hopefully we'll get to work with you, collab with you. Yeah. Do all thing. I'm excited is build your dope funnel.


Kendall: your dope, easy F funnel. Yeah, I think the big thing is like, there, it's just again, there's, there's literally like endless benefits. It's if, if you have any type of plan for the year that involves exposing yourself to new audiences and whatever rooms or making those, making more money or making more money or both.

God dang. Can't we have both? Like yeah, 

Jordan: doing something big and cool, like you like writing a book or opening a co-working space. That's so cool. Yeah. 

Kendall: We'll get there. We, yeah, we're not there yet. Haven't solved how to do that yet. I need the audience so then I can pitch you angel investors. but we're not there yet.

but yeah, the thing I think for this is, you know, if you're listening to this and this is like a hell yes. Or like, oh my God, help me. I would just encourage you to apply. as soon as possible, just because I, we were talking about this earlier. Right now we only have three spots and I, I do think they're gonna go pretty quick.

Kendall: So that's the only, yeah, the only, the only caveat, I caveat I will say, not that we don't wanna help everyone, but I mean, we're also doing other offers. Yeah. Got other things 

Jordan: going on. We don't do projects. We don't, we don't do project based work. I don't know if anybody knows that, but we only do retainers, so I didn't know that this is our first project offer ever.

And that's why we don't, we can't do very many because we're not, we're not set up for, constant juggling of a project based work because we do retainer, with our clients. And like I mentioned, interesting as we usually are. So 

Kendall: our, our business models are so different. See, like, I'm over here. I'm like, so interesting.

I'm, I'm technically like if you wanted to book with me right now to write something, I do mostly project-based stuff for the most part. I do some. . I do, I I actually flip my business model, which we've, we've talked about and I've done for you, but like, I don't necessarily do retainer monthly stuff. I actually switch it to being quarterly and I treat it like a one-off project.

But I do a lot of project stuff and right now, like I'm selling spots for kickoffs in March because we're we slash so interesting. I'm at, I'm at Capacity cuz I, this is another thing for my like balance and stuff, I recognize like, because I wanna have more space to write my own stuff and because I, I'm not having a team help me.

I only write two weeks out of the month for client stuff right now. And the other two weeks is my own stuff. My wallflower Friday's, my Instagram content, whatever else, or like research nerding out, that kind of thing. So I have significantly less spots than I've had in the past. but what's interesting is the clients that are getting those spots that are coming in are like, like even closer to.

Like perfect, perfect fit, if not like, pretty damn close like kitty cardboard. I, I can't make that shit up. Yeah. Or tell me, write my book. 

Jordan: Like what? Yeah. That's awesome. That's, that's been our experience too as we've dialed in our offers. and not to get too far in the weeds on strategy, because this is exactly the type of shit that you're gonna do with me.

If you work with us to build you an easy af funnel, like we're gonna, we're gonna talk through your offer suite. This doesn't start with like, oh, well, what kind of like resources do you have? Let's just slap one of those up as a freebie. That shit does not work. We need to go back to basics. Make sure your foundation is good, and talk through your offers and how you're doing your, your delivery to your clients and what your capacity is and like, where are we going with this thing long term?

Because that is how you figure out what freebie makes sense for you. And that's been our experience too, is once you get that part dialed in and figured out, , all the other shit is easier and the clients are like the best clients ever. Like we have only trained clients now that has not been the case always, historically for us, but now that we have it figured out and dialed in and are super clear on who we help and how we help them and what we like to do.

Mm-hmm. . Oh, it's great. Easy scaling baby. Yeah. I, 

Kendall: I love this song. It's so nerdy. I need to cut that out. Yeah, no, but keep it because we love it. I think the thing that's interesting as well is like a lot of times people will make investments, especially in like marketing. pieces, I'll say like whatever kind of collateral.

Collateral or deliverables. Like a lot of times people are making higher ticket investments, but it's a quick churn silver bullet. I think this is gonna do this thing, and then it ends up not working. The difference about the way we set this up is like, one, you're getting Jordan's coo brain. It's not just like, Hey, I'm good at funnels, and like, let me set one up.

It's like 

Jordan: she's literally, no, we do this shit every day for people. . 

Kendall: Yeah. She has a shitload of clients that she's done this for. So she knows what works. She looks under the hood of your own business and you're talking about, again, offer suite, what's, what's the long-term benefit of this? And then you get me on your messaging to make sure it sounds like you, so that you've got the right stuff in place so that this is not just like a quick churn.

I'm gonna try and do this. I, I see this a lot where people are like, okay, well I make this investment and then I expect X amount back where it's not, it's not this like, Quick churn, this or that kind of back and forth quick thing. This is actually like a foundational marketing asset in your business that will literally be around for, if you want it to be around 

Jordan: until the end, if that is ever a thing, like that's this, this should be something that's running on autopilot that you're not having to think about for, I mean, that totally changes the way that you experience your business.

That's, that's what an easy AF funnel is. Yeah. On that note, I couldn on that note. My kids are waking up from their nap and I got to go and I can't. 

Kendall: Fine. So what else? Well, we did just 

Jordan: drop anything else before we wrap? No, just like end it right there. cue outro music. 

Kendall: Yeah. Thanks Phil. Throw 

Jordan: it in . Well, yeah, this was fun.