The BEAM Chronicles

Chapter 15: Charlie Shayde

December 11, 2023 MJ Dooney Season 1 Episode 15
The BEAM Chronicles
Chapter 15: Charlie Shayde
Show Notes

The first of a three part sequence of chapters!

Things around BEAM have been going pretty smoothly lately. With Jaxon a now competent and useful member of the team and Cidney added to the fold, Charlie has a lot more time to just sort of enjoy her new friends.  Until someone finally decides enough is enough, and takes out their grievances on BEAM HQ with quite a bit of gusto and flair for the dramatic.

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The contents of this episode were 100% written by me, MJ Dooney. I did use AI created voice filters, but any likeness to a real person was NOT intended. I would one day love to do this with proper voice acting, but currently lack the resources (and/or connections) to do that with fidelity.