The BEAM Chronicles

Chapter 16: Cidney Kovorski

December 11, 2023 MJ Dooney Season 1 Episode 16
The BEAM Chronicles
Chapter 16: Cidney Kovorski
Show Notes

The second of a three part sequence of chapters!

Cidney is a man of action, which is typically a good thing, but does lead to quite a few broken windows and reckless leaps. Luckily he's strong enough to compensate for his destructive carelessness, and given the chaos of the day, he's just what they need to defend HQ from attack. He and his friends certainly have a way of making a tall task seem easy!

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The contents of this episode were 100% written by me, MJ Dooney. I did use AI created voice filters, but any likeness to a real person was NOT intended. I would one day love to do this with proper voice acting, but currently lack the resources (and/or connections) to do that with fidelity.