The BEAM Chronicles

Chapter 25: Charlie Shayde

February 12, 2024 MJ Dooney Season 1 Episode 25
The BEAM Chronicles
Chapter 25: Charlie Shayde
Show Notes

The final chapter of Book 1, but nothing too intense! Just the triumvirate being young in the aftermath of their big victory and all the emotional revelations that came from it. Drinking beer, watching the sunset, reminiscing, feeling their feelings...the way they're supposed to.

I also outline what's next for the podcast, now that Book 1 is officially done!

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The contents of this episode were 100% written by me, MJ Dooney. I did use AI created voice filters, but any likeness to a real person was NOT intended. I would one day love to do this with proper voice acting, but currently lack the resources (and/or connections) to do that with fidelity.