A Life of Resilience and Impact, with Estee Lee
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The Light Seekers' Lounge
A Life of Resilience and Impact, with Estee Lee
Feb 27, 2024 Season 6 Episode 113
Annie Love

For Estee Lee, not being resilient has never been an option. Since her family was in a devastating motor vehicle accident when she was five, Tae has had to overcome life changing setbacks and obstacles which have become pieces of the puzzle and made her life what it is today.

Her passion is working with people and helping them to realise that they have the choice to steer their life in the directions that they want.  Tae lets you see life through her eyes by telling her stories with humour and conviction, and when facing a challenge you just gotta ‘own it’, ‘roll with it’ and eventually you will roll right out of it.

In this conversation, Tae and I discussed:

  • The personal story behind Tae's sister Nelle writing the incredible production of "Tae Tae in the Land of Yaaas"
  • Tae's recount of the car accident that took her Dad’s life and left her in a wheelchair, and her mother's incredible resilience at this devastating time in their life.
  • Estee's career in inclusive education and her contribution to reasonable adjustments for disabilities, and building her own business as a coach and keynote speaker to help build resilience in others, encouraging them to command their mindset and life narratives.
  • Chronicles of Estee's life-changing recent European adventure, revealing the nuances of traveling with a disability and the importance of building connections.
  • The significance of the quote tattooed on Estee's arm and how it mirrors her approach to life's hurdles.

You can find Tae on Instagram at @itsmetaetae and at her website.

Also mentioned in this episode:

Check out the trailer of the incredible production of Tae Tae in the Land of Yaaas.

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