Being Both Sensitive and Successful, with Sam Dhu
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The Light Seekers' Lounge
Being Both Sensitive and Successful, with Sam Dhu
Mar 21, 2024 Season 6 Episode 115
Annie Love

Sam Dhu is a Psychotherapist & Facilitator of Permission, a Mum to two young girls, and passionate advocate for being radically kind and compassionate to yourself. 

As a highly sensitive person Sam believes it is possible to be deeply ambitious and successful, AND soft and sensitive at the same time. In fact, she identifies as holding both identities herself.

Terms like ‘self-compassion’ and ‘self-acceptance’ get used a lot these days. But through her degree in social work, post-graduate qualifications, training in cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, gestalt therapy, and decades as a practising therapist and coach, Sam knows these inner resources are the difference between women being stuck in survival mode and confidently thriving.

In this conversation, Sam and I discussed:

  • The difference between coaching and counselling and what led Sam, a trained psychotherapist, to add coaching to the ways she can support her clients. 
  • How ambition and sensitivity can coexist, and Sam's personal journey of understanding and embracing that she's a highly sensitive human. Sam shares her framework for how she approaches this in her own life and with her clients.
  • Why we should "follow the plan, not the mood" and how can that can sometimes feel difficult as a business owner when you're struggling personally.
  • Giving ourselves permission to break out of conditioning, Sam's favourite mode of self-care and role modelling to our children the importance of looking after ourselves

You can find Sam over on Instagram, and running the Slow Mastermind with business coach Jess Miller. Sam also runs an annual program called Permission Granted, and you can listen to her Permission To podcast.

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